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500 Rupee Note Holder Alert: RBI New Update! RBI released important information related to Rs 500 note, Check immediately otherwise there will be problem

Nowadays it is very difficult to identify real and fake things. But today we are going to tell you easy ways to identify the notes in this news. Due to which you will easily find out whether this note is real or fake.

How to Identify Fake 500 Rupee Note: In today’s time, it is very difficult for any common man to differentiate between real and fake notes. The printing of fake notes is done by the fraudsters in such a way that both look exactly the same. In the last few times, more names of forgery have been seen in the big note of 500 rupees.

In view of this problem of people, important information related to 500 rupee note has been released by RBI, through which you will be able to easily differentiate between real and fake notes. Let us know, in this report of ours…

How to identify the original note of 500-

According to the information given by the central bank, the size of the original note of 500 rupees is 63 mm * 150 mm. Its color is stone grey. At the same time, the geometric pattern has been included in the design of the note. The note depicts the picture of Mahatma Gandhi in the center and the Red Fort at the back. The thing to note is that the tricolor depicted on the Red Fort on the back of the note is in its original colour.

The 500 note has denominations in Devanagari and English. You will get to see this on both the front and back of the note. 500 on the note is also mentioned as a pattern in very small numbers.

Find out the difference like this-

The 500 note has a panel of numerals rising from small to large on the left and bottom right. The note bears the signature of the Governor along with the RBI’s promise clause and Mahatma Gandhi’s photograph on the right and electrotype watermark of the denomination of 500. You can easily tell the difference between real and fake by the changing color of the security threat on the note.

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