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Post Office: Big news! Post office is giving you an opportunity to earn, do this work, you will earn in lakhs

You can earn well by taking Post Office Franchise (how to take Post Office Franchise). 

There is no need to invest much money in taking the post office franchise.

New Delhi. If you are planning to start a risk-free business (business idea), then you can earn well by taking a post office franchise (how to take Post Office Franchise). 

There is no need to invest much money in taking the post office franchise. You can start it with very little money. You will have to invest only Rs 5,000 and you will earn big money.

At present there are about 1.55 lakh post offices in the country. Even after this, the post office has not reached everywhere. 

Keeping this in mind, franchise is being given. Let us tell you how you can take a franchise.

How is earning?

Earning from post office franchise is on commission. For this, the products and services available from the post office are given. Commission is given on all these services. The commission is already fixed in the MOU.

Who can take the franchise?

The age of the person taking the franchise should be more than 18 years. Any Indian citizen can take the post office franchise. The person taking the franchise must have 8th pass certificate from a recognized school. 

To apply for the franchise, first you have to fill the form and submit it. On selection, an MoU will have to be signed with India Post.

Will have to spend only 5000 rupees

Tell me, to take this franchise, you will have to spend only 5000 rupees. After getting the franchise, you can earn through commission. It depends on your work that how much you can earn.

Visit official website

Apart from this, read the official notification of the post office for this franchise and apply from the official site only. You can click on this official link ( to apply. 

From here you can apply for the franchise by downloading the form. Tell that whoever will be selected, they have to sign an MoU with the post department. Only after this he will be able to provide facilities to the customers.

How much commission is fixed

  • Rs 3 on booking of registered articles
  • Rs 5 on booking of speed post articles
  • Rs 3.50 on booking money orders of Rs 100 to 200
  • Rs 5 on money orders above Rs 200
  • 20% additional commission on Registry and Speed Post bookings above 1000 per month
  • 5% of the sale amount on the sale of postage stamps, postal stationery and money order forms
  • 40% of the income earned by the postal department on retail services, including the sale of revenue stamps, central recruitment fee stamps, etc.

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