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Jammu And Kashmir Administration Hikes Daily Wages For Casual Laborers


The Jammu and Kashmir administration has announced an increase in the minimum wages of daily rated workers, including casual labourers. The revised minimum rate of wages was notified by the Labour and Employment Department.

According to the new order, daily rated workers and casual labourers who currently receive Rs. 300 per day will now be paid Rs. 311 per day, effective from October 17, 2022. The decision is aimed at enhancing the livelihood of these workers, who form a crucial part of the labor force.

To ensure accountability and transparency, the government has mandated the use of a biometric attendance system for all categories of persons engaged by the government in any capacity. The controlling officer will need to certify the attendance and satisfactory performance of daily rated workers and casual workers with every bill.

In cases where biometric attendance may be difficult, the concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) will certify attendance, and staff will be required to mark attendance at defined intervals. The government has also instructed that the Aadhaar-based database should be reconciled to prevent duplication.

The government has further stated that the concerned departments shall provide full details regarding unauthorized engagements to identify officers and officials responsible for such engagements. Action will be taken against them as per rules.

The order highlights the importance of budget availability and restricts the number of hours of engagement for workers accordingly. The decision to increase the minimum wages of daily rated workers and casual labourers is expected to improve their standard of living and provide them with better opportunities to support their families.

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