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Government will stop FASTag! Now toll tax will be collected from navigation system, know new system details


Government will stop FASTag! Now toll tax will be collected from navigation system, know new system details

There is good news for those traveling on the highway. There is going to be freedom from toll plazas found everywhere. Government is preparing to collect toll through navigation system

FASTag will soon be confined to the pages of history. The government had started preparations vigorously to implement this system. But now this FASTag system can also reach the verge of closure. The government is now preparing to completely replace the FASTag with a new hi-tech system. This new system has already started in European countries. In countries like Germany and Russia, recovery is being done through this system. This system is also very successful.

According to media reports, work on this new system has also started. Its pilot project has also been launched. As soon as it gets the green signal, the work of toll collection will be started from the navigation system instead of FASTag. In the new system, toll tax will be charged on kilometer basis.

At present, there is a rule to deduct toll tax through FASTag. If a car is going on a highway. Money is deducted from the FASTag account upon receipt of the toll plaza. It doesn’t matter how far you have traveled in this system. No matter how many toll plazas are found on the way, it is not counted. The money will be charged on the basis of kilometer in the navigation system. That is, the road on which tax is to be levied, the amount you traveled on that road. The more you have to pay. The testing of the pilot project of the new toll tax has started. This system is successful in European countries. There is a preparation to work on the same lines in India as well.

How will the recovery be done in the new system?
According to the new technology, as soon as the train will start running on any highway or expressway. His toll meter will be turned on. After completing the journey, as soon as the car leaves the highway on the slip road or any normal road. According to the distance covered, the navigation system will deduct the money.

This new system will also be like FASTag, but the money will be as much as you would have traveled on that road. At present, FASTag is installed in about 97 percent of the vehicles in India. Due to which toll tax is collected.

Policy will change
Preparations are underway to implement the new system. The transport policy will have to be changed before it is implemented. The team of experts is preparing the necessary points to make changes. An announcement can be made about this soon. Under its pilot project, navigation system has been installed in 1.37 lakh vehicles. Let us tell you that in Germany and Russia, toll collection is done using satellite navigation system. This system has been installed in 98.8 percent of vehicles in Germany.

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