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Big Update Regarding Smart Meter in Jammu and Kashmir | 5 Major Benefits


Big Update Regarding Smart Meter in Jammu and Kashmir | 5 Major Benefits

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is all geared up to install Smart Meters in Jammu and Kashmir to reduce technical and commercial losses and provide 24×7 electricity to the consumers.

More than 8 lakh smart meters are to be installed in J&K before 2023 and National Smart Grid Mission under Ministry of Power is investing heavily in this regard.

Advantages of using a Smart Meter?
Accurate Billing
More savings
No manual Reading
Real time Monitoring
Quick Solution to Outages

Can I request data collected through Smart Meter?
Yes, you can request and access your data collected through mobile application or website of the distribution company.

What are the benefits of using Smart Meter in Jammu and Srinagar?
Use mobile app to monitor usage.
Recharge your account beforehand.
Smart Meter sends reading to the distribution company without human intervention.
Smart Meter sends data to the distributor company to better manage and improve the load.

Who will be responsible for managing privacy and security of my data?
Distribution Company is solely responsible for managing privacy and security of consumer. according to applicable laws.

What is Prepaid Function of Smart Meter?
The prepaid function of a Smart Meter works just like prepaid mobile recharge. A consumer can recharge his/her account of certain amount beforehand according to the usage demand to consume the electricity.

Incase the amount recharged is about to exhaust, the Distribution Company will send alerts to the consumer to make a recharge and enjoy uninterrupted electricity at the desired destination.

Smart Meters in Jammu and Kashmir will be beneficial to consumers as there will be Zero error billing due to automatic functionality of the device as there will be no use of meter reader who used to take reading of the meter earlier. You can consume electricity according to your usage pattern and set load of your household, ultimately, helps in saving huge bills.

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