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Apple Spray Schedule 2023 For Kashmir Division Available Now


Important Instructions
Avoid mixing of fungicides, insecticides
and spray suspensions.

Maintain gap of 3-4 days between insecticide and fungicide spray.

Adjuvant / Stickers may be added for better efficacy of fungicides during rainy

days Stickers should not be used with Dodine.

In case of heavy rains within 12 hours of spray, the spray is to be repeated immediately (when adjuvant /stickers are
not used).

Before conducting the spray, inform the beekeepers in the vicinity of the orchard about spraying time; bee colonies should be kept preferably away from spraying area.

Same pesticide should not be repeated in two consecutive sprays.

Avoid spraying during high temperatures/rainy weather. All sprays should be conducted during early morning or evening hours to avoid phytotoxicity.

No spray should be done during full bloom period.

Spray of the insecticides/fungicides should be stopped 3-4 weeks before. harvesting of fruit.

Keep 60 cm of soil around the tree trunks undisturbed.

Close monitoring of pests and diseases is important for effective management.

Apply fertilizers 1-2 feet away from tree
trunk In alkaline or acidic soils, phosphorous dose should not be increased by 20 percent

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