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500 Rupees Note Holders Alert! RBI gave a big update regarding Rs 500 note, Check update immediately


500 Rupees Note Holders Alert! RBI gave a big update regarding Rs 500 note, Check update immediately

After the demonetization done by the central government, many news related to currency keep coming to the fore. At present, news is coming about Rs 500 note. On which a big update has been given by RBI. Let us know in the news below.

After the demonetisation done by the Central Government, many types of news regarding Indian currency keep coming to the fore. If you also have 500 Rupees Note, then this is important news for you. Information about Rs 500 note has been given by the Reserve Bank.

2 types of 500 notes in the market-

Two types of Rs 500 notes are being seen in the market and there is a slight difference between both the notes. One of these two types of notes is being called fake. The video has gone viral on social media, in the video the note is being said to be fake. So we tell you which are the real notes.

What is said in the video?

It is being said in the video that you should not take any note of 500 rupees, in which the green strip passes through the signature of the RBI governor or is very close to the picture of Gandhiji. It is being said in this video that one type of note is fake. PIB has done a fact check about this video, after which its truth has come to the fore.

Both the notes are genuine.

After the fact check of the video, it has been found that this video is completely fake. Both the types of notes running in the market are genuine. If you have any note of 500, then there is no need to panic at all. RBI has said that both types of notes are valid.

Find out the truth of the viral message-

If you also get such a message, then do not worry at all. Do not share such fake messages with anyone. Apart from this, you can also do fact check of any news. For this you have to visit the official link Apart from this, you can also send the video on WhatsApp number +918799711259 or email:

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