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Viral CCTV Video: Woman in busy UP store steals necklace worth lakhs, Check details

This woman reached the jewelry shop wearing a mask and dark glasses, made the necklace worth 10 lakh disappear in such a way that no one even got a clue. On watching this video for the first time, it will not be understood that how this woman stole a necklace worth 10 lakhs in a few seconds.

Viral CCTV Video: Woman in busy UP store steals necklace worth lakhs, Check details

This CCTV video of theft is becoming quite viral on social media. In which it can be clearly seen that this woman wearing a green colored saree has come to buy a necklace at the jewelery shop. But its intention is something else.

She asks the shop staff to show her the necklace. Look carefully… Two necklace boxes are kept in front of this woman. First of all, this woman picks up the first box and looks at the necklace carefully. and closes its box.

During this, by engaging both the employees in their talk, she puts another necklace box on top of this closed box. After a few seconds of this, she keeps this open box on her feet and starts looking at it carefully.


It looks as if there is only a box placed on top of the feet but it is not so. Beneath that open box is another box of necklaces which the woman cleverly hides under her saree and bends slightly.

Now her focus is on the hidden box, she sets her saree again and again so that this box is not visible from anywhere. Now she asks the female employee to wear the necklace she is looking at and then pretends that she did not like any of the necklaces.

Shortly after that she picked up her bag, pressed the necklace inside the saree and ran wild from there. The entire incident of this theft gets captured in CCTV.

This case has come to the fore from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Here a high profile looking woman who came as a customer at a jewelery shop in Golghar stole a gold necklace. The value of the stolen necklace is said to be Rs 10 lakh. The incident took place on November 17 at the showroom of Bechu Lal Saraf Private Limited located at Baldev Plaza in Cantt area.

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