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Notification Of The Digital JK Internship Scheme 2022, Check Details Here


Notification of the Digital JK Internship Scheme 2022, check details here

Subject : Notification of the Digital J&K Internship Scheme 2022.

Reference : Executive Order No. 66-(a) JaKeGA of 2022

Notification No: / 0 – JaKeGA of 2022

Jammu & Kashmir e-Governence Agency (JaKeGA), Information Technology Department, J&K, Invites applications from students/pass out of the J&K under the Digital J&K Internship Scheme 2022. The guidelines of the scheme are annexed as Annexure-A. Important dates for key activities are as under:

PURPOSE : Guidelines for the Digital J&K Internship Scheme 2022.
An internship Is an opportunity for the applicants/students to secure first hand and practical work experience. It also aims at active participation in the learning process through experimentation and putting Into practice the knowledge acquired In the studies. The Jammu and Kashmir a-Governance Agency (JaKeGA) has decided for engagement of Inters for a limited period so as to provide the practical experience to Inters by engaging them to work on real projects e-Unna, Auto Appeal System, e-Service platform, e-off ice etc.

The J&K e-Governance Agency (JaKeGA) of Information Technology Department is the nodal agency for Government of J&K in the matters of IT, ITES & e-Governance. JaKeGA plays a vital role In formulating and Implementing policy matters in Information Technology, ITES etc. promotion of J&K, assisting other department for effective e-Governance and capacity building etc.

JaKeGA has evolved through years as a centre of excellence In IT solutions and a-Governance. It has contributed significantly to the steady growth of IT in J&K. It helps IT to reach the common citizen so as to narrow down the Digital Divide and widespread applications of IT In establishing a system where the citizens are receiving good governance in addition to ensuring speed of decisions from a transparent Government through an effective e-Governance System.

PLACE OF INTERNSHIP : The Internship will be offered at J&K.

How To Apply :
Interested and eligible applicants need to apply online ONLY (URL:httos://lakena.ik.clov.In ).

Selection Process :
i) The interns will be shortlisted and selected by the committee/ authorities.

(ii) For selection of interns, personal or online Interview. may be conducted, if deemed necessary. No TA/DA shall be paid to candidates for attending the personal interview.

(III) List of selected candidates would be displayed on the web portal rittps://iakoaa.ik.aov.irt).

Code Of Conduct :
The intern selected shall observe the following Code of Conduct, which shall include but not be limited to. the following:

I. The Intern shall follow the rules and regulations, which are In general applicable to employees of the department

II. The Intern shall follow the confidentiality protocol of the department and shall not reveal to any person or organization confidential information relating to the department, Its work and its policies.

III. The Intern shall not claim any intellectual property right. of work done at the department and has to strictly maintain the confidentiality o department intellectual property. Any violation/infringement will b viewed adversely against the Intern as well as the institution to which he / she belongs and may Invite appropriate action.

iv. The students and the Sponsoring Institution concerned shall have n claim whatsoever on the results of the project work. The ~admen retains all intellectual property rights In patents, designs, software copyright (source code). if any, that may be generated during th course of project work.

v. Interns may, with the prior permission of the department. present the work to academic bodies and at seminars/conferences. However, even for this purpose information that is confidential to the department cannot be revealed under any circumstances.

vi. No Intern shall interact with or represent the department to the media (print and electronic).

Click here for Complete Notification

Notification Of The Digital JK Internship Scheme 2022, Check Details Here

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