Lic Pension Plan in Hindi: Government employees do not have the tension of pension, but people doing private jobs have a big problem that how will the house run after retirement? For this LIC has come up with a cool policy. In which you have to invest only once, after that you will always get pension.

LIC Policy Update: In this policy, you will get 20 thousand rupees every month Comfortably

Lic Pension Plan: Pension is such a word, wherever it is talked about, people listen carefully, people also compare each other that the pension of a government employee is so much that even after retirement, they have no tension to run the house.

Does not live. On the other hand, there is no such facility for the employees of Pradwaya company and those who do business, although now the government has issued new pension plans in view of such problems. Similarly, LIC has also come up with such a plan, under which you will have to invest only once, after that you will be given pension for life by LIC.

Jeevan Akshay plan

Investing in Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is considered safe as it is the largest and government insurance company in India. If you also want to buy a good LIC policy, then today we are telling you about Jeevan Akshay plan. You will have to invest only once in this policy, after that you will be able to get pension on every month, quarter, half yearly and yearly basis.

Will get a pension of 20 thousand rupees every month

If the age of the investor is 75 years, then he will have to deposit a lump sum premium of Rs 610800. On this his sum assured amount will be Rs 6 lakh. In this way, annual pension will be Rs 76 thousand 650, half yearly pension will be Rs 37 thousand 35, quarterly pension will be Rs 18 thousand 225. At the same time, you will get a monthly pension of 6 thousand 08 rupees. 

Under Jeevan Akshay plan, there is an annual pension of Rs 12000. Let us tell you that this pension will continue to be available to the investor till his death. If you want to take a pension of 20 thousand rupees every month, then you have to invest 40,72,000 rupees at a time.

Benefits of the policy

There are many other benefits of this plan. For example, you can take a loan only after three months of purchasing this policy. Let us tell you that the maximum limit for investment in this policy has not been fixed i.e. you have to invest at least Rs 1 lakh in this scheme.

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