JKBOSE 10th, 11th and 12th Exams 2023: Instruction Manual & Guidelines for Submission of Online Examination Form

STEP 1: Visit Official Website of JKBOSE @

STEP 2: Click on the desired link.

STEP 3: Login as Clerk/Principal in the Official Login window by providing login credentials.

STEP 4: After signing into the clerk dashboard, access the link:

  • 1. RR Renewal/Exam Form Class 11th /12th for submission of Class 11th/12th Renewal RR cum Examination Form or
  • 2. Examination Form Class 10th for submission of Class 10th Examination Form.

STEP 5: After any of the above link is clicked, you will be presented with a screen to enter registration number to fetch the basic details of the candidate.

STEP 6: After fetching the details and typing the additional information required, click on the submit button to submit the form.

STEP 7: When the form is submitted successfully, it gets forwarded to the principal account for approval or review.

STEP 8: If the principal rejects the form for review, the editable fields can be updated and resubmitted to the principal for approval.

STEP 9: Fee can be remitted, in bulk or individually for the application forms approved by the principal through the Pay Fee tab in Clerk Account.

Note: For bulk payments, Fee must be remitted separately for the candidates with 5 subjects and 5+ subjects.

STEP 10: After Fee submission, the application form gets submitted to Board.

STEP 11: After the last date of Submission of online examination forms, Schools are required to generate examination checklist from school account and submit the attested copy of the same at the concerned Board Office.

Instruction Manual for submission of Online Examination Form.

JKBOSE 10th, 11th And 12th Exams 2023: Instruction Manual & Guidelines For Submission Of Online Examination Form

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