A senior citizen ID card entitles the senior citizen to thousands of other benefits, including free hospital treatment in addition to the post office scheme. Please describe the step-by-step process of making a card in the news section below.

Senior Citizen Card: Get Thousands of Benefits, Know Here Complete Process of Getting it Made

The government issues senior citizens cards in response to the large number of senior citizens and their daily difficulties. This card, also known as a Senior Citizen ID Card, is designed for senior citizens over the age of 60. This card is also a type of identity card that contains information about the cardholder. Many special services are provided to senior citizens with the help of this card. 

The benefits of both government and private schemes are provided by this card. This card includes the senior citizen's blood group, emergency contact number, allergy and medication information. So, how does a Senior Citizen ID card get made?

Senior citizens cards are created at the state level by state governments. To apply for this, go to the state government's online website. Some documents must also be submitted with the application in order for the application verification process to be completed.

1. Age-Proof Papers

Passport, PAN card, and school leaving certificate can be used for this. 

2. Certificates of 2-year residency

In this case, you can provide valid documents such as a ration card, passport, election card, electricity or phone bill in the applicant's name.

3. Medical information documents

A blood report, medication, and allergy report must be provided.

4. 3 stamp size photographs must also be attached.

How to Apply:

To obtain a Senior Citizen ID card, fill out an application on the state government's website. Its form is only available on the website of the state government, where it can be filled out online. If you live in Delhi and want to apply for a Delhi Senior Citizen ID Card, go to http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/seniorcitizen/index.html. Forms are also available on the websites of other state governments, where they can be filled out and submitted.

The applicant must register and submit the application form, as well as two photographs, one copy of address proof, and one proof of age document. Following that, the applicant can begin the registration process. After the application is approved and the documents are verified, every applicant who has submitted the required documents and completed the registration process will be issued a Senior Citizen Identity Card.

For more information or other information about the application process for obtaining a Senior Citizen Identity Card, call the toll-free number 1291 or 100.

Senior Citizen Card Benifits:

Senior citizens used to get a discount on train tickets, but that is no longer the case. However, a separate ticket counter is still available. Discounts on airline tickets are available. Income tax is lower than in other countries, and some people are exempt from filing returns. FD is more popular than the general public. 

The post office investment scheme provides more benefits and facilities than the general public. Treatment is provided for free or at subsidised rates in government hospitals. When applying for government companies MTNL and BSNL, registration and monthly rental charges are waived.

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