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Driving Licence New Rule: Permanent Driving Licence getting Rules Change, Check More Details

You can get a learning driving licence from anywhere, but to get a permanent driving licence, you have to apply from the same district from where you have Aadhaar. The new system has troubled the applicants.

Driving licence new rule: Big news! Permanent driving licence getting rules change, know the new RTO rules

Under the new rule of permanent driving licence, now you have to apply from the same district from where your Aadhaar is made. After the arrangement of making online learning DL sitting at home through Aadhaar authentication, this new condition for permanent DL has put the applicants in trouble. 

Now learning can be done from anywhere, but for permanent DL, the applicant will have to go to the district registered in his Aadhaar. However, this rule will not apply to those who have got the Learning DL made before June 1.

ARTO administration Akhilesh Dwivedi said that in the new system, learning licence can be issued from anywhere, but for permanent licence, one has to go to the RTO office of the district with the address of Aadhaar. This arrangement has been implemented by the Headquarters from June 1. 

People who took a learning licence on June 1 will have to apply for permanent after one month in the district where their Aadhaar address is located. For example, you will not be able to get DL made in Lucknow through Aadhaar made from Gorakhpur, even if you are in government job.

Every day more than 50 people are asking options

The problem of applicants has increased due to the elimination of the second option as an address for permanent DL. The licence officer of Transport Nagar RTO office said that apart from Aadhaar, the ID card of the institution, insurance receipt were valid as proof of address. 

Ever since the Learning DL application system has been started through Aadhaar authentication, more than 50 people are coming every day asking applicants for the second option as proof of address.

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