Air Tickets Booking: From August 31, 2022, you can get flight tickets cheaply. Let’s find out how-

Cheap Air Tickets: If you also have a plan to travel by air in the coming days or you are also thinking of traveling somewhere, then before that know that from after August 31, 2022, you can get cheap flight tickets (Flight Tickets). ) can do.

Air Tickets Booking Rule Changed: Good news for air travelers! Now you will be able to book tickets cheaply

Let us tell you that the price cap imposed on the fare of domestic air travel (Indian Airlines) will be removed tomorrow, which can directly benefit the customers.

Companies can bring cheap offers

According to media reports, domestic airline companies can bring special air offers for customers after the price cap on flight fares is removed. Due to Corona, the domestic aviation sector has been badly affected, but now the situation is gradually improving.

The ban has been imposed for 27 months

According to the information given by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, after looking at the market conditions, it has been decided to remove the fair band on domestic rent. This ban has been in place for the last 27 months, but on August 31, it has been decided to remove it.

Will air travel be cheaper?

If the festive season is about to start, then companies can offer cheap air travel to woo the customers. It is expected that customers can get cheap air tickets in the coming time. Let us tell you that due to the price cap imposed for the last several months, companies were not able to change the ticket prices very much.

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