7th Pay Commission Update: Another good news has come for the central employees. After increasing the dearness allowance by 4 percent, now the central government has also increased the variable dearness allowance. Let’s know the latest updates.

7th Pay Commission: Central employees got a wonderful gift of Diwali, Now there is a bumper increase in this allowance

Government of India, has increased the Variable Dearness Allowance for Central Employees (Agriculture). Now these central employees will get the Variable Dearness Allowance (Variable DA) every month. Let us tell you that the employees will get the benefit of this decision of the government from October 1, 2022.

Ministry of Labor issued notification

The Ministry of Labor has issued a notification in this regard. It is written in the notification that keeping in mind the notification dated 19 January 2017 of the Central Government, the Variable Dearness Allowance has been increased. The copy of the notification is with our partner website Zee Business.

In which category the variable dearness allowance increased by how much?

Category of worker Rates of V. D.A. Area wise per day (in Rupees)

‘A’                               ‘B’                                      ‘C’
Unskilled                                                               121                            111                                     109
Semi- Skilled/
Unskilled Supervisory                                           131                            121                                     112
Skilled/ Clerical                                                     144                            131                                     121
Highly Skilled                                                        158                            147

Let us tell you that after increasing the variable dearness allowance, agriculture employees will get bumper profits from October 1, 2022 by including basic rates and VDA. According to the table given below, city wise VDA will be given.

Category of worker Rates of V. D.A. Area wise per day (in Rupees)

‘A’                                              ‘B’                                  ‘C’
Unskilled                                          333+121=454                       303+111=414                   300+109=409
Unskilled Supervisory                      364+131=495                       335+121=456                   307+112=419
Skilled/ Clerical                                395+144=539                       364+131=495                   334+121=455
Highly Skilled                                   438+158=596                       407+147=554                   364+131=495

After the decision of Minimum Wages Advisory Board, VDA will be calculated at the next higher rupee.

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