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Baby born with one eye : A Yemeni woman gave birth to a child with one eye on Wednesday in the city of Radaa, Bayda governorate.

Hussein al-Abbasi took his wife Zahra al-Abbasi to al-Hilal maternity hospital in Radaa for delivering the baby.

The wife gave birth to a baby with one eye who was placed in the nursery department to follow up on his health condition, Saba news agency reported, citing a medical source in Bayda.

The source pointed out that the congenital malformations that affect some newborns during the current period are the result of the use of prohibited weapons by the US-Saudi-UAE aggression coalition against civilians in various areas of Yemen.

He stressed that there are birth defects that occurred to newborns in several Yemeni areas, due to the use of prohibited weapons used by the aggression through dropping them on the heads of citizens, pointing out that congenital malformations have nothing to do with genetic factors, especially since the mother had previously given birth to children without congenital malformations.

“For the first time this condition occurs, but it is present in medical books, and the child has one eye, eye cavity and one optic nerve, known as (Cyclopia),” the medical source said


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