No need to go to RTO office for Driving License, read new guidelines here: New Delhi: Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has come out with new guidelines for issuing and renewing driving licenses.

Under this new rule, the entire process of obtaining Learner’s license i.e. from application to printing will now be done online. Also, electronic certificates and documents can be used for medical certificates, learner’s license, surrender of driver's license and renewal of Driving License.

It is to be noted that the guidelines are aimed at making the process of registration of new vehicles easier. Renewal of registration certificate can now be done 60 days in advance while the time limit for temporary registration has also been increased from 1 month to 6 months.

At the same time, the government has now made changes in the procedure for learner’s license, according to which the driving test will now be done online through the tutorial. In other words, there will be no need to visit the RTO office for the license test now.

In the end of March, the Road Transport & Highways extend the validity of motor vehicle documents like driving licence (DL), registration certificate (RC) and even permits till 30 June, 2021, in view of the ongoing pandemic.

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