LPG Gas Cylinder Price: LPG cylinder is used in every household across the country. That’s why people are also very curious to know how much the cylinder has become expensive or cheaper.

In the beginning of January, the government oil company had cut the prices of gas cylinders by Rs 102.50, due to which LPG gas cylinders became cheaper. Explain that the price of LPG is revised every month. Let us know what are the prices of LPG in all the big cities including Delhi, Mumbai. LPG Gas Cylinder Price.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Increase in the rate of commercial cylinder by Rs 105 : LPG Gas Cylinder Price

New rates of LPG cylinders were released on 1 March amid the Russia-Ukraine war. The rate of cylinder has increased by Rs 105. At present, this increase has been made in commercial cylinders and to a large extent it is possible that after March 7, domestic LPG cylinders will also become expensive. Because right now the voting for the sixth phase of Uttar Pradesh assembly elections is on March 3 and the seventh phase of voting is on March 7. In such a situation, disaster can come after 7 March.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price 14.2 kg Non-Subsidized Gas Cylinder Price : LPG Gas Cylinder Price

  • Delhi – Rs 899.50
  • Bihar – Rs 979.50
  • Mumbai – Rs 899.50
  • Madhya Pradesh – Rs.905.50
  • Rajasthan- Rs 903.50 Gas Cylinder Price
  • Punjab – Rs 933.00
  • Uttar Pradesh – Rs 897.50
  • Uttarakhand – Rs 918.50
  • Jharkhand – Rs 957.00
  • Chhattisgarh- Rs 971.00 LPG Gas Cylinder Price

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Check Latest Rates From Official Website : LPG Gas Cylinder Price

If you want to check the latest rates of gas cylinders in your city, then you can check the official website of the government oil company. You can also check the latest rates by clicking on this link Click Here. Let us tell you that new rates of gas cylinders are issued on the first of every month.

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