Jio Data Loan: Reliance Jio provides the facility of ‘Jio Emergency Data Voucher’ to its customers. Using this facility user can get data loan from the company. This is for those users who do not have money to buy data from the company. 

Jio offers many 4G Data vouchers and obviously you have to pay money to buy them. But if you are a Jio user and you are in dire need of data but you do not have money to buy it, then you can get Jio data loan from Jio under emergency data voucher facility.

What has to be done for this?

Jio data loan can be availed by visiting the My Jio app, logging in with your Jio number, going to the menu on the top left, selecting Emergency Data Voucher under Mobile Services and clicking on Proceed. Then select ‘Get Emergency Data’ option and click on ‘Activate Now’ button. Doing so will activate your emergency data.

How much data loan do I get from Jio?

Under the Jio data loan facility, you will get 2GB data from Jio, and its pack price is Rs 25. You can pay this amount later to the company from your MyJio account. All prepaid users are eligible to apply for Jio data loan.

What do I need to do to repay the data loan?

To make a data payment, log in to your MyJio app and select ‘Emergency Data Voucher’. After that click on Proceed button and select ‘Pay’ for Emergency Data Voucher. Any outstanding amount that needs to be paid back to Jio will be reflected there, and you can choose to make the payment by choosing any of the online methods.

Is Jio data loan free?

Absolutely not! As mentioned above, the company charges Rs 25 for 2GB of emergency data, which is reasonable and costs the same as prepaid vouchers for 2GB of 4G data that customers get.

What happens if I do not pay the Jio Data Loan?

If you fail to pay for the Jio data loan, the company will not offer it to you until you clear the past dues. Also, Jio reserves the right to take legal action against the customer if the amount is not paid for a long time.

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