E Shram Card pension scheme: Pradhan Mantri E Shram Yojana launched by the central government To take advantage, apply for E Shram Yojana. In this labor scheme, laborers get many benefits by the government.

If you also get your e-shram card made, then every month you will get a pension of ₹ 3000 from the government, all the information is given below.

The poor laborers and laborers get help in the form of direct security by the central government. Therefore, to take advantage of all the facilities, get yourself registered on the e-shram portal, after the registration is done, your e-shram card will be issued.

This card is a 12 digit labor card which in a way proves the citizenship of the worker.

The main objective of this scheme is to give pension scheme amount to the workers in the form of old age. The amount of this pension will be given to you when you will complete 60 years of age, in the form of old age, ₹ 3000 will be given as a help from the government.

In this, pension is given like a government employee, as if the employee dies, then his wife will be given a pension of 1500 rupees.

What are the benefits of E-Shram Card, let us know

• After attaining the age of 60, you will get a pension of ₹ 3000.

• You will have full insurance for any accident during the age of 60 years.

• If you have an accident then your family will get insurance of ₹ 50000

• You have to contribute monthly through your labor card, the same amount will be deposited by the Government of India.

How to Register E-Shram Card:

To get your labor card made, take your proof to the nearest csc center and get it made. E Shram Card is going to be very helpful for the next future.

Because through this card, many schemes are benefited, almost e labor card is running in all the states. Get all the labor cards registered on the labor card through the e-shram portal and take advantage of all the schemes.

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