Airtel Cheapest Recharge Plan: Airtel, the country’s most well-known and popular mobile operator, recently increased the prices of its recharge plan. Due to which the old recharge plans have now been closed and replaced by new-priced recharge plans.  

In such a situation, crores of people of the country are confused in front of them that which Recharge Plan they should choose which is the best for them. In such a situation, today we have brought to you airtel’s cheapest recharge plan lasting for 28 days.

Yes, Airtel has released the cheapest plan so far for 28 days. The price of this plan is ₹99. After recharging this plan, you will get ₹99 for calling for 28 days. For 28 days you will get 200 MB of data.

Airtel Cheapest Recharge Plan
This recharge plan is better for those who have Feature Phones right here and who do not use much of the internet. If your data runs out before your recharge plan is over, then you can use the data booster plan in it and increase your data.

So if you recharge with ₹ 99 plan then you will get ₹ 99 for calling and 200 MB data for 28 days.

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