Latest Train Timing Kashmir 2022

Train Timing Kashmir 2022: Here we will provide you train timing Kashmir 2022. Train timing Kashmir 2022 is updated here for all users because the regularly asking about today Kashmir train timing. For whole year we update all the Kashmir train timings e.g Banihal to Baramulla train time table 2022.

It eases our users to get details about today Kashmir train timetable 2022. By knowing train timing Kashmir our users never miss their journey. because the train timing in Kashmir changes every year and sometimes Baramulla to Banihal train time table is revised

Kashmir Train New Time Table With Effect From 01 January 2022.

Train Time For BANIHAL-BUDGAM-BARAMLLA Section in Kashmir to be operated from 7:30AM to 6:30 PM instead of existing time of operation from 7:00AM to 7:30PM.

Check Below The Revised Train Time Table For Kashmir:

Banihal to Baramula

  • 7:30AM٫ 8:25am٫ 10:25am٫ 2:45pm and 4:05 pm=only upto Budgam

Qazigund to Baramula

  • 7.49am٫ 8.44am٫ 10.44am٫ 3.04pm and 4.24pm= upto Budgam

Anantnag to Baramula

  • 8:15am٫ 9:10am٫ 11:20am٫ 3:30pm and 4:50pm=upto Budgam

Srinagar to Baramula

  • 9:12am٫ 10:26am٫ 12:25pm٫ 4:36pm and 6:02pm=upto Budgam

Budgam to Baramula

  • 7:55am٫ 9:28am٫ 10:40am٫ 01:00pm and 4:50pm

Baramula to Banihal

  • 8:00am٫ 9:10am٫ 10:40am٫ 2:25pm٫ 3:30pm

Sopore to Banihal

  • 8:09am٫ 9:19am٫ 10:49am٫ 2:34 pm and 3:39pm

Budgam to Banihal

  • 7:50am٫ 8:54am٫ 10:12am٫ 3:35pm and 4:24pm.

Srinagar to Banihal

  • 8:03am٫ 9:13am٫ 10:25am٫ 3:48pm and 4:38 pm

Anantnag to Banihal

  • 9:11am٫ 10:10am ٫ 11:20am٫ 4:51pm and 5:35pm

Qazigund to Banihal

  • 9:36am٫ 10:46am٫ 11:45am٫ 5:15pm and 6:00pm

Latest Train Timing Kashmir 2022 Full Table

TRAIN NUMBERDaysBanihalHillarQazi GundSaduraAnantnagBijbeharaPanzgamAwantiporaKakporaPamporeSrinagarBudgamMazhomPattanHamreSoporeBaramulla
74613DailyDeparts 6:40 am06:527:017:097:17Arrival 7:35
74625DailyDeparts 6:25 am6:386:486:587:007:177:257:337:447:528:008:178:328:408:508:58Arrival 9:20
74619DailyDeparts 7:25 am7:458:109:009:209:4310:00Arrival 10:20
74635DailyDeparts 8:45am9:029:109:209:309:389:489:5810:0510:1510:25Arrival 10:35
74637DailyDeparts 9:35 am9:479:5510:0510:1810:2810:4011:0011:1511:2211:30Arrival 11:55
74623DailyDeparts10:1510:2510:3710:5011:05Arrival 11:35
74631DailyDeparts 10:30am10:5811:0711:1711:2711:3111:4711:5512:0912:1712:40Arrival 1:10
74615DailyDeparts 11:45am12:0012:0512:1612:2612:3312:4112:491:001:151:271:452:122:302:402:48Arrival 3:05
74633DailyDeparts 12:55pm1:071:131:241:351:471:572:052:162:242:38Arrival 2:55
74617DailyDeparts 3:15 pm3:283:373:524:00Arrival 4:20
74627DailyDeparts 3:00pm3:153:253:403:503:564:054:154:254:334:505:005:105:255:355:45Arrival 6:00
74639DailyDeparts 4:05pm4:174:254:334:525:005:075:165:235:415:55Arrival 6:10
74621DailyDeparts 6:15 pm6:256:326:426:55Arrival 7:15
74629DailyDeparts 5:25pm5:405:466:066:166:236:316:396:507:007:127:307:377:517:598:07Arrival8:25
74611DailyDeparts 6:30pm6:406:507:007:107:207:307:367:467:528:00Arrival 8:15pm

Here get all the details about Banihal to Baramulla Train Time Table 2022 @Kashmir Train Updates

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