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Top 4 Kashmiri Female Prisoners Still in Jail

Top 4 Kashmiri Female Prisoners Still in Jail: So guys, Welcome again to The Kashmir Update. Hope you guys are doing well and as we all know, Our maximum traffic is from Kashmir. And right now we are enjoying heavy snowfall outside. For some, it's like Hell and a lot to take, but for some, it's fun.

Let us not get distracted by this and Continue to our main topic that is Top 4 Kashmiri Female Prisoners Still in Jail. In this article, I will tell you a short story about a few Kashmiri Female Prisoners who are still in Jail. 

Top 4 Kashmiri Female Prisoners Still in Jail

As we all know Kashmir has been declared as the Most Disputed Territory by probably whole Countries of the World. And It's Obvious that where it's a dispute, there are Killing, Conflict, and Arrests. The same is the case with Kashmir, here is Killing and Conflict from almost the last four decades.

Arrests take the main part in all this mess because in the last few decades many Arrests took place in Kashmir. 

It's rare in Kashmir that a Women getting Arrested for this long. So without further due let's start our List of Kashmiri Female Prisoners Still in Jail.

Asiya Indrabi

She is the Founder and Chairperson of one of South Asia's Largest Women's Organizations "Dukhtaran-e-Millat" (DeM). Asiya Andrabi is a 58-Year-Old and She is one of the most leading Women Pro-Freedom figurehead of Kashmir.

Asiya Indrabi is Graduated in Science in Bio-Chemistry, Bio-Therapy, and Bacteriology. Asiya is the first Female who is Unwilling to Accept India as her Country. Thus this makes her the First Women from Kashmir who has been booked under the Public Safety Act (PSA). She has been booked under the Public Safety Act at least 20 times Since 1993.

Also, Asiya Indrabi was arrested in 1998 for opening Rehabilitation Centers for Orphans and Widows of Revolutionaries and Political Dissidents Killed or Murdered by the Indian Army.

During the Mass-Flustration of 2010, She was arrested and was held for Two Consecutive Years. She has spent 12 years of her Life in Jail Occasionally. In the Year 2018, she was held up along with her two assistants and was Shifted to Tihar Jail. New Delhi is the Place where she remains till this Date.

The Charge against Asiya Indrabi is very plain. She severely supports Kashmir's Liberation against Indian Occupation. In October 1990, Asiya Indrabi married a Man Aashiq Hussain also known as Dr. Muhammad Qasim. A defiant fanatic who also happens to be Kashmir's longest-serving Political Inmate. 

The Couple has only Spend 4-Years Together in 28-Years of their Marriage. A 58-Year Old Asiya Indrabi is suffering from a Life-threatening Disease such as Angioedema, Asthma, Urticaria, etc. She has two Sons.

Sofi Fahmeeda

She was born in the Lal Bazar area of Srinagar in the year 1986, Sofi Fehmeeda joined the women's organization Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) in the year 2002. She was first booked under Public Safety Act when she was studying in her high School Class 10th.

Since then she has been put in Jail now and then due to which she could not continue her formal education and was enforced to depart from the studies while pursuing graduation.

Presently, she is Press Secretary of Dukhtarane Millat. Fahmeeda Sofi has been booked under PSA 9 (nine) times, for being involved in the revolutionary movement against the Indian occupation. On April 20th, 2018, Fahmeeda was arrested by the National Investigation Agency of India and charged with Incitement.

Since then, Sofi has been incarcerated in Tihar Jail, New Delhi. She was first arrested in the year 2005 when DeM started a campaign against the flesh trade in various parts of Srinagar city.

Fahmeeda Sofi enthusiastically participated in the campaign and protested against the infamous sex scandal implying Indian politicians and bureaucrats, which led to the arrest of 8 (Eight) DeM members in 2005, her being youthful of them. Sofi Fehmeeda's old mother awaits her return from prison.

Because Fahmeeda Sofi is jailed so far miles away from her home, she has only endured the agony of her family. Fahmeeda Sofi suffers from various medical illnesses due to a lack of healthcare and hygienic food in Prison. She has a gastric acid reflex, suffers from joint aches, and severe lower back pain.

Insha Jan

23-year-old Insha Jan was apprehended by the National Investigation Agency, along with her old father, Tariq Shah, for their alleged involution in availing Kashmiri rebels. They were inculpated in providing the revolters with victuals and logistics.

The detention of the duo has hit the family hard, especially Insha Jan's mother, Naseem.

Insha Jan's father used to drive the truck to fortify his family. Besides the noetic trauma that has been inflicted on the family, the detention of Tariq Shah has additionally made the family's fundamental survival arduous.

The National Investigation Agency of India withal raided Insha Jan's house and confiscated her paraphernalia and, even the flooring sheets and curtains of her room.

Naseema Bano

50-year-old Naseema Bano was apprehended by the Jammu and Kashmir Police under the Unlawful Activities Obviation Act or UAPA. Bano is the mother of a revolter, Tauseef Sheikh, who was killed by the Indian occupational forces in 2018.

At the heart of the case against Bano is a photograph in which she is holding a weapon and sitting adjacent to her son. On 20th June, a joint team of Indian forces and police personnel raided and ransacked the house of Bano and took her into detention.

Insha Jan, Naseema's 18- year-old daughter, was thrashed with an iron rod during the raid. The police personnel additionally purloined Bano's family of mazuma and jewelry. Bano is a patient with hypertension and diabetes and needs conventional medical care, a rudimentary right she has been deprived of.

Bano's family has a long history of resistance against vocation and around 15 members of the family have been killed by the Indian forces since 1990.

So this was it guys hope you loved this Article or we say Information. Top 4 Kashmiri Female Prisoners Still in Jail. Keep visiting Thank You.

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