PM Svanidhi Yojana: The Central Government has started many special schemes for the poor of the country. Today we will tell you about such a scheme of the central government, in which the government is giving full 10,000 rupees to the needy people.

The name of this scheme of the central government is PM Svanidhi Yojana, under which the government is giving Rs 10,000 as loan to street vendors. You do not even need to give any guarantee for this loan. At the same time, if you return the loan amount on time, then you will also get the facility of subsidy from the government.

The benefit of this scheme is barber shop, cobbler, panwari, washerman, vegetable seller, fruit seller, ready to eat street food, tea stall or kiosk, bread pakodas or egg seller, hawker, stationery seller. can take advantage of the scheme.

First of all, the mobile number of the loan borrower is required to be linked with Aadhaar. This loan will be available to only those people who were engaged in such work on or before 24 March 2020. The duration of the scheme of this loan is only till March 2022, so those who need it should complete its process soon.

Street vendors whether urban or semi urban, rural, can get this loan. Subsidy is available on the interest of this loan, it is directly transferred to the borrower’s account on a quarterly basis.

Under this scheme, street vendors can get a collateral free loan of up to Rs 10,000 for one year. This means that you will not have to give any kind of guarantee to take the loan. Apart from this, you can pay the loan in monthly installments.

Let us tell you that if the vendor makes regular repayment of the loan received under PM Svanidhi Scheme, then a provision of interest subsidy of 7 percent per annum has been made to him. The interest subsidy amount will be sent directly to the beneficiary’s bank account on a quarterly basis. If you pay the loan on time, your subsidy will be credited to your account.

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