CNG-PNG Price Hike Again: CNG-PNG Price Hike Again In These States, Know How Much Price Increased Here

New Delhi. While on the one hand the prices of petrol and diesel have remained stable for the last few days, on the other hand, the prices of CNG and PNG are increasing.

The people of Delhi will now once again have to pay a higher price for PNG. Actually, Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) has announced an increase in the prices of PNG in Delhi. These new prices have been implemented from today i.e. from January 12 itself.

Know New Prices

According to Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), the price of domestic PNG has been increased by 50 paise in Delhi from today. After which it has now increased from Rs 35.11 to Rs 35.61 per SCM in Delhi. The company says that this has been done due to the increase in cost.

On December 3, there was an increase in the price of CNG

Earlier, Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) had increased the price of CNG on Friday, 3 December. Currently, the price of CNG in Delhi is Rs 53.04 per kg. On the other hand, it is Rs 60.30 per kg in Gurugram in Haryana, Rs 61.10 per kg in Rewari and Rs 59.50 per kg in Karnal and Kaithal.

Prices were increased in Mumbai two days ago

Mahanagar Gas Limited had increased the price of CNG by 2.50 per kg on January 8, after which it increased from Rs 63.40 to Rs 66 per kg, while the price of PNG has been increased from Rs 38 per scm to Rs 39.50 per scm. . It has been increased by Rs 1.50 per SCM.

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