A Kid Accidentally Orders Furniture Worth Rs 1.4 Lakh Online on His Mother’s Phone – Details Here

Toddler Orders Furniture Worth Rs 1.4 Lakh Online While Playing With Mom’s Phone.

Toddler Accidentally Orders Furniture Worth Rs 1.4 Lakh From Walmart While Playing With Mom’s Phone.

It’s not wise to give your phone to a toddler, and one family learnt it the hard way. A toddler in US’ New Jersey went on a shopping spree online while playing with his mom’s phone.

Ayaansh Kumar might be only 22-months-old, but that did not stop him from accidentally ordering furniture worth $2,000 (Rs 1.4 lakh) online, NBC New York reported.

The Kumar family had just moved into a new home and mother Madhu Kumar, was browsing furniture on Walmart’s website and adding items to her cart, but had not yet purchased any of them.

So when package after package started arriving at her door, she was so confused.


Walmart promised the Kumar family will be able to refund all the items their son purchased.

She asked her husband and two older children if they had bought the items, but they said it wasn’t them. That left Madhu’s youngest son Ayaansh as the lone culprit, as per NBC New York.

“It is really hard to believe that he has done this, but that’s what happened,” toddler’s dad Pramod Kumar told NBC New York.

“Moving forward, we will put tough passcodes or face recognition so when he picks up the phone he finds it in locked condition,” Pramod added.

Pramod and Madhu are planning to wait until all the boxes arrive and then drive the items back to their local Walmart to return them, where they have been told they will receive a full refund.

But the parents may keep a couple of things, to remind them of their toddler’s first online shopping spree.

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