164 killed, more than 5,000 detained amid Kazakhstan protests

Almaty, January 10: During this week's violent upheaval in Kazakhstan, at least 164 people were killed and more than 5,000 were detained, as turmoil swept the country and the death toll climbed even higher.

The death toll, which was 44 on Friday has increased significantly, published by state-run TV station Khabar 24 on Sunday, citing the Kazakhstan Ministry of Health, reported CNN.

Meanwhile, according to state media, police have opened 125 criminal cases relating to incidents of violence, including allegations of assault, murder, and robbery.

According to Kazakh official media, at least 5,135 individuals have been detained so far for suspected participation in protests in Kazakhstan, according to the country's Internal Affairs Ministry, reported the news portal.

The massive jump in the fuel price infuriated Kazakhs as the country is an exporter of oil and natural gases and Protests in the Central Asian country have resulted in the resignation of the government and the proclamation of a state of emergency, with soldiers from a Russia-led military alliance dispatched to quell the disturbance.–(ANI)

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