He saw Redolph in the dream saying the words that he has said to him earlier. “… Austinland is the school for mind mutant people, those people who have the strange abilities of their mind, the mind control…”

He woke up suddenly and realizes that if he is the selected person of Austinland so he should have the extra mind control too. He stands up, in front of the door of the jail, focus on it to mold it but can‟t. he try several times. Now the tears were coming out of his eyes because of his focus.

Angrily he shows his hand to the door. The door hardly was just thrown away as the great pressure has applied to it. It was midnight time; all the soldiers of the king come to attack Ian. But Ian kicks them all to the injuries. Now the king itself comes to fight.

Ian saw a wooden piece in king‟s hand that was three feet long. At the end of the wooden piece was a silver colored ball. “I will compress your soul in this (wooden piece), you idiot. How can you think of defeating me” said king to Ian.

The king shows the silver ball at Ian, the ball release a beam of silver color. Ian mover away and beam hit one of the soldiers of king. Solder‟s body gets cracked and with the extreme pain he died. The king again tries same to Ian, but Ian focus on the ball and breaks that out.

After the ball was broken, the soldier who dies get alive again. In addition something happen with all the Sarphs including the king. Their eel body and king‟s snake body disappeared. They become like humans but of green color and very long nose and chin.

Everyone there come towards Ian, stays at their toes, and thank to Ian. The king came near the Ian and he too thanks Ian. Walking to the door, king opens it and Ian saw no san, no desert there, but a beautiful old city. The city where now hundreds and thousands of Sarphs live in. 

The king ordered for the vehicle and at the same second a horse cart was in front them brought by one of the servants of the king. The horses were of light black and grey color. Their forehead was the content of small teeth like horns. They run very fast as compared to the common horses.


After a short ride, Ian and the king reach to the palace. It was now not the under sand room, but the great and big palace. Everyone was waiting to welcome their king and the one who saved them. After the great welcome by the people king announce the celebration of their life. Both king and Ian went inside the palace.

“When I came here, I saw this as a huge desert. And the time I broke that ball, you all turn into this. I mean into what you are” said Ian to the King.

“Firstly my name is Sion Greep , I am the king of these creatures (Sarphs). We are a special type of creatures. We can remain in this form or we can turn into snakes” reply the king.

“But when I saw you at first, you were half of this form and half snakes” said Ian

“It was Blight. Let me tell you this story. We were living a happy life at this beautiful place. My father Faeln Greep was at position of the king. He was the lord of dukedom and very humble person. He never had misjudged any case. 

His attitude was same towards himself as a common person of the state. But his death was all about the birth of this problem. Out state has a law of making king. Here is no monarchy or democracy, but the ultimate form of democracy. Here is no election but the rule of selection. Here no one participate to be the king of the nation. Instead, people itself select the person to rule over them. 

First people notice the behavior of one another, so people too remain honest and stay away from sins to become the king. Now you can yourself imagine the status and behavior of the king.


Right from the beginning, I was not interested in any kind of dukedom, but at the time of selection, people select me. May be because of the impressions of my father, or may be anything else. At that time there was a man, or you may call him a magician. His name was Maeson. In the childhood he learns magic. 

When he grew up, he uses to dream about the dukedom. By his magic, he helps everyone free. At the time of selection, he wasn't selected. I was with my people, until master Azuel provide me my duke, the stick of powers. After sometime of receiving my duke, I was standing in front of my people, he came against me in my front side and said to the people „I, from the beginning had worked very hard to reach there where today your Sion is. 

You can change your decision and I can be your leader. I promise that there will be no example of best king other than me‟. But the people refute his tender and he was totally heartbroken. His eyes were the content of tears at that time. Suddenly he look at me and my Duke, and curse me and my dukedom. 

The curse was that my nation will turn into the desert and we will be its camels. But due to the resistive form of Duke, we got stuck in the middle of our two forms without the master Azuel because of his great virtual force. 

After our inspection, we found that Maeson was not the sarph, but a stranger who was trying to conquer other nations too by the help of this nation. Then you break my Duke and everything came again to its primordial form.

Today he has gathered the three nations by conquering them and is very powerful. We request you to help us. Because the second he will came to know about us, he will try for revenge. You have the extraordinary powers. Only you can help us” replies the Sion.


“But I have to find the blood as soon as possible” said Ian

Sion discussed about what kind of blood. Ian explains the words of gate and about the Austinland too.

“I know how you will get the blood, it is not the ordinary blood. It is known as Venomous.” Sion says to Ian

Ian request him to provide him a way to get the blood. And Sion did say.

“This world is a dimension of the entrance door of Austinland. Mrs. Alvi Austin created it and then put us here. Because we were pointed as inferiors.

This world consists of five nations. My nation, the three nations under the rule of Maeson, and the last one, the most powerful one. The nation of Melifus (Ian looks at Sion very strangly after listening Melifus).

If you help us it will be for mutual benefit. You will get venomous and we will be safe.”

One of the soldier rushed towards Sion and give him a letter. Maeson open it to read and was totally frightened:


The Dark History



Innocent Sion Greep

Never mind whatever you have done and due to the help of a teenager “Ian”.

Actually you shell congrats me, I have a new friend. Do you know his name? may be “Melifus”. We both are coming on your state to make it now a real desert. Or you can save both your nation and your life by surrendering and providing us Ian. Hope you have understood.

Your Enemy: Maeson and Melifus

“what happen, are you ok?” said Ian to Sion.

Sion tell him everything wrote in the letter and said that due to both Melifus and Maeson, it is impossible to win the battle. Ian advices the Sion to surrender and give him to Melifus. Sion goes on refusing by saying that he can't take his life who has given the life to him and his nation.

“I have a plan…..” set Ian

At the night, the palace was on the celebration. Only Sion and Ian was aware about the mess and due to the spiritual powers, Master Azuel too.

Mr. Azuel grifinight was a spiritual leader of Sarphs. He was more than a century old. He was well disciplined and has white little beared and mustaches. Long white hair and dress. He always had a Duke like object in his hand. That was known as Ecloutus. Ecloutus was one of the most powerful thing in their world.

“We have a great day today to celebrate, the celebration of our life. I want to introduce you to our savior, please welcome Mr. lios.” Said master Azuel.

All the sides were the voice of clapping for Ian. Happily Mr. Azuel made another announcement:

“Today on this day, we I am going to make this young boy believe that there will be no harm to him from us. For this boy, I have „Rancornium‟”


Everyone was surprised to listen it. Because the method of Rancorium was given to the most trusted one by Sarphs, if Rancorium was completed on any person, then no venom could harm that person, even not the venom of the Sarphs.

Mr. Azuel confined that Ian is the most trusted person for them and he is the one who have given them life, and he has the right too to take their life. Now everyone was satisfied on the decision of Mr. Azuel.

The Rancorium include three steps, first the ster of blood of suspect, then the step of hollowed teeth and then vain injection.

First Mr. Azuel take some blood from Ian so the first step was completed. Then he get the venomous teeth of Faeln Greep, the past king and put Ian's blood inside the hollow, so the second step was completed. Now it was the turn of the third and final step. 

By the magic of Mr. Azuel, he lift the teath up in the air parallel to the arm of Ian. Then the teeth get converted like red light and slowly go into the nerve of Ian. During this, the pain to Ian was at such extreme that he was screaming loudly.

After Rancorium was completed, Ian fell down at the ground. Sion ran to Ian to pick him up, but Mr. Azuel stop him and said:

“Pain is the best feeling for a living creature. It makes him to feel the value of his life and the feeling that what exactly life is.”

Ian open his eyes and saw himself in a horse cart with Sion holding his hand very tight and loosing tears.


“What happen Sion, why are you weeping?” said Ian to Sion.

“My friend I obey you, please forgive me. I am taking to Melifus” reply Sion,

“Don‟t worry, everything will be alright” said Ian to Sion.

The night time was very close now. They setup the two tents in a jungle one for Ian and other for Sion with five solders for security. First all the seven had a dinner and then solders went to perform their duty and Sion and Ion went to sleep. Ian slowly closes his eyes.

Ian is walking on a empty horrible road, alone, in the darkness.

Reaching near a big tree he observes a pond. Slowly he walks towards it and saw a woman in a white dress, with a white cat. The woman saw him and she came near and near to him, and said:

“Do you how precious your blood is?”

Ian thinks that she is talking about qualifying of the mess given to him by the gate of Austinland and reply back:

“What? My blood. For me the blood of Melifus is important”

The woman was softing the hands over the cat, came more close to Ian and said:

“You may forget and water will guide you.” the woman to Ian

“What do you mean…. Wooovm huuu” (it was dream of Ian. When Ian said „what do you‟ and try to complete „mean‟, he open his eyes and find


himself in the cold water. It is obvious that suddenly finding himself in water, he make the sounds „wooovm huuu‟)

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