The People of the Darkest Curse

The People of the Darkest Curse

The People of the Darkest Curse

In a single blink Ian observes himself in a strange city, where no one knows about happiness. It wasn't to be sure that they had ever sensed the natural Light. This time it was not about any kind of strange creatures, but humans. The humans that knows the magic. Conjure city, the city of witchcraft.

Ian was observing the position of the city. It was worse than the worst. He observed people fighting, no one was satisfied with the other one. Everyone considers that he is better than others. Even a family doesn't have cooperation among them. He was hanging up and was walking to nowhere. He saw no shop in the city. 

Everyone was getting its desire by magic. Without people everything, even houses were black. After a long observational walk, Ian went to the river bank and stayed for rest. He picks some pebbles in hand and throws them in the water thinking about the girl that came to mind when he was fighting with the shark king.


After sometime he stands up and moves away from the place to find some food. This time he moves in the opposite direction of the city where he came from. After walking a long distance, he observes that he is back to the same city where he recently came from. He tried every direction but in the end, he reached the same place, where he didn't want to be.

After losing faith Ian went back to the river bank and sat down. Suddenly a girl came and sat near Ian. Ian had a look at her and tried to ask something but stopped. He thought that the girl might be too like the others, rude and parched. But the girl asks him his name. Ian replied very politely.

“Are you new to this city?” the girl said.

“Yes, but I am not finding any way to get out of here. Can you please tell me how can I go back?” Ian said back.

“You can't.” said the girl.

“But why? I have to go back home.”

The girl sadly looked towards the water and said slowly “me too”. Ian was capable of listening to the words of a girl. He tends to think something but the girl said to him:

“Okay, leave it. My name is Kia. I live here in Conjure city and you?” said the girl to Ian.

“My name is Ian and I am from Istanbul, Turkey.” Said Ian to the girl.


The girl tipped her thumb with the first figure, so the burning flame came into existence. Before this light, they were able to see each other, but then they could clearly see each other. Looking at Kia, Ian observes the beautiful girl. 

He raises a question again that before sometime, the girl said she too wants to go home and then said she lives here in the Conjure town. The girl replies to Ian.

“I want to go back home, not in the house. There is nothing that can make my house a home”.

“But how did all this begin?” said Ian. Then the girl replies. “This all begin with „the man of curse‟”

Ian said “Man of curse, who is he?”

Then the girl reveals the entire story. “This is the city in the sky, but its story starts when it was part of the land.

Once there lived a man, his name was Areen. He was a very virtue and spiritual man. He always indulges to gather knowledge. One concept would give him curiosity to know about another. One day the people of this city go to him and request him for the leadership of the city. He accepts and becomes the king of this city. 

He was a magician too and a great man. Due to his love towards this state, he raises it to the sky and the state becomes the state of heaven. Everyone was happy and satisfied. Due to the magic of areen, here any kind of crop, fruit or vegetable can be cultivated. Then Areen teaches everyone magic to help each other in need.


After some time he, instead of himself, makes the king to someone else and he went to the mountain cave hurora. We don't know what he observed in the man and made him king of the state. At first everyone thought that moc was able to rule the state. But after some time he did something worse. 

By his black magic he didn't let anyone go out of this small city of the state. And second, he slices the city from the Hurora cave, so that people will not seek any help from Areen. Then everyone organizes a secret magical gathering. There were only two motives, to make the city free from the witchcraft of moc and another was to find Areen and kill the moc. 

When the villagers did it, they got another curse, the curse that no one will ever be happy.” after listening, this Ian said;

“Doesn't anyone ever try to reach her Snike cave?”

Kia replies “I tried to do so, but as citizens said „I can't do‟. I can't. I even tried to go there but all in vain.”

Ian said “where is the Snike cave?”

Kia shows her hand to the other side of the river, “that side”. “So what, just develop a boat and we are that side.” Said Ian to Kia.

Kia explains to him that the river is too magical; “we don't have enough knowledge of magic to go apart of this bank”

Ian was yawning and feeling sleepy. Kia said to him that if he is feeling sleepy, he can. Ian did so. Kia takes him to her house and shows his room. After observing it, he goes to bed.


A girl is approaching him, the same anonymous girl. Still she is undercover of the jet white light. Ian can‟t see her still. She again hold his right hand and said:

“You can make this city out of curse. I believe you…Ian…”

Ian stands up and said to the girl with emotions:

“Who are you?”

The girl was going away but after listening to Ian, she turns back for a second and then continues to go away ignoring Ian. Ian wake up and went to the kitchen. There he saw kia making tea. Ian had a seat and said kia does she need any help. Kia “thank you, but I am done”. 

Kia carries two cups of tea to the dining table; give one to Ian and one for her and sit down on the chair, “do you only sleep for three hours or today you are terrified of witchcraft? Ha ha ha.” Said kia to ian.

“No I sleep for seven to eight hours in average” said Ian

Kia had a serious look to the eyes of Ian and said “You are depressed, can I know the reason?”

Ian replies back with an emotional look, “I don't know kia what is happening with me. I just want to cry loudly, want to lose all the tears I have.

Sometimes when something strange happens with me, I just want to tell everything to someone. But the person never asks me for any favor, every time, she ignores me. Still no problem, because when I find no chance to have a share of feelings with her, I just imagine her. I think that she is in front of me in reality. 

But the problem is, she never responds to me. Never… I don't know why but something is wrong with me.”

“You have fallen in love with her, Ian. Just tell her about your feelings” said Kia to Ian.

Ian replies softly. “To whom, someone who is not real. Someone who is only in dreams not in reality.”

Kia got emotional and said to Ian “hey take the tea, unless it will cool down”. Ian didn't look at Kia because he was frightened to tell, but still managed and said “Kia, have you ever got this kind of feeling?”

The Kia replied, “Yes once, actually till I like him.” “Can I know about?” said Ian to Kia

Kia replies “when I was a small girl. Don't know how many years before. I saw a boy, his name was Jake. At first, he was ordinary to me just like other boys. But then, somehow, he became very special to me. 

Soon we became friends. At that time, I don't think he was aware that I liked him. Even today he might not know how much I liked him. Once he came to me and said that he has to say something very secret to me. 

I think that he might propose to me and within no time, I will accept him. But how great my luck was, he told me that he likes my friend and needs my help. I said sure and honestly helped him. Sometimes he would be like „O Kia I can't live without her, do something fast‟. I watch him and look at myself, how dummy I was.

Once one of his friends told him that he likes me and requested Jake for help. His friend was mine too. At first I was not aware of this, after some signs I came to know about this when his friend told me that he likes me and Jake is his supporter. 

I was totally broken up. Not only one but now two ways were closed for me. I can't now observe a single way for me. After some days the same boy came to me in the nearby park and said that I too have heart, doesn't I like someone? I replied yes and confirmed that it was not him. He totally broke my heart by saying about my will.

After some days, I saw Jake coming to me. Emotions in his eyes, he said to me „Kia I love you‟. I don't even say a word and act like I was normal. But when I came here (home), I don't remember how many Jehlums[1] I swept off. 

Next day I decided to accept. Early in the morning, I saw him and in a second, before any conversation, I said „Jake I love you. Obviously more than you‟. After that I lived the life of satisfaction, then due to some reasons he left the town and promised to come back in a month.

After fifteen days of his displacement, Moc cursed our city. From that time on, I am only waiting for him.”

After saying this story, Ian looks at Kia. Hardly could he see her face, it was tears only. Ian makes her believe that he will make everything alright.


Now both get up. Before Kia could say anything, Ian told her that he is going to Areen for help. Kia told him how he was going to cross the river. Ian was answerless. Then Kia taught him all the magic she knows about.

“Tell me all about the curse of the river.” Said Ian to Kia

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