The Dark History

The Dark History

the dark history

Redolph tell the history of the Austinland to Ian “Once in London, a little girl, Alvi Aziz didn't know what she was. She could control one's mind if she want, and where she want. One day their school organizes a show of magic where they call up one of the greatest magician of the time, Marry Austin. 

No one was there who could respect Alvi, but she gain the respect by controlling other's mind. She was fed of it. She wants the real respect for her. How great was her luck, she hadn't any kind of parent, but an uncle, who did the same as others.


At the arrival of Mrs. Austin, Alvi tried hard to meet her and discus her problem with Mrs. Austin, because people call him “magical witch”, but can't meet to her that time. During Mrs. Austin was doing some magic, she try to control her mind and teleport her problem to Mrs. Austin's mind. As Mrs. Austin was doing focus on her magic, the focus breaks off and Mrs. Austin step down to the floor. 

She detects who had done this, and Alvi was suspected. Mrs. Austin take her aside and ask that how she had done that. Alvi with the tearful eyes and panic sound said that she did not know that how she could do that and said every problem about it. That time Alvi was approximately fourteen or fifteen year's old girl. Mrs. Austin request permission of taking Alvi with her from Alvi's school, and she got the permission by the mind controlled by Alvi of the principal.

Mrs. Austin had a son too whose name was “William harp Austin”, the science genius. Both Alvi and William become very good friends. It was the cause of Mrs. Austin, that Alvi get the natural respect. For five years everything was normal. When Alvi was twenty years old, Mrs. Austin fell very hard ill. 

She calls both William and Alvi to her room, and said to Alvi first that what she wants. Alvi reply of nothing, but an advice that how she can help other mind mutant people who are like her and every second been in criticized. Mrs. Austin smile and said to her that Alvi is a great and magician. 

She said to Alvi that anything that Alvi did is real and acceptable, but whatever Mrs. Austin did that was the magic, the illusion of eyes. She then suggests her to focus on the solution.

Then Mrs. Austin turns to her son who was approximately twenty one years of age, about his wish. His wish was totally different, because his wish was Alvi to marry her. His wish came true and in the aliveness of Mrs. Austin, he married to Alvi.

After couple of months of marriage, Mrs. Austin passed away. Still Alvi Austin had a same dream with same kind of zeal. One day she discussed this matter with her husband sir William Austin. Being the great aficionada to Alvi, he try to help her. First he listen her story, then he tries to detect where the problem was. 

It was not from home or from society, but from the school of Alvi. Teasing, being cruel to her, everything starts from the school. This was the initiate step of making of school. But the problem was how this can be done? Abruptly, William memorize about a student of his mother, who was a great magician. William wrote a letter to him, saying:

Dear Melifus, I William Harp Austin with my wife Alvi William Austin, requests you to help us. We want to develop a school, the school of dreams, the school that never has been introduced to anyone. This will help the mutants all over the globe to develop their skills and let them prove they too are able, indeed they do such things that no one can…\

Faithful of your willing approach: Mr. and Mrs. Austin.

After they send the letter, seven days passed away, no one was there. They think that Melifus is not willing to help them. But on the day eight, it was middle of the day that someone knocks at their door. William and Alvi both were busy in lab so they can't hear the knock. Now it was the door of Laboratory that was going on knock. First William open the door of lab, there was no one. Then the door of outer path knocks up. 

Both Austin's together open the door still there was no one, now there was only one door knocking up, the door of entrance. They get close to it, open it and see Melifus there. It was observable to see tremendous amount of happiness on their face. Melifus had a shake hand with William, then try also to Alvi, but Alvi refuse because she was a Muslim. William and Melifus had a seat and alvi went for coffee.

What is the cause that Muslims do not shake hands, I mean females with males?‟ said Melifus to William.

William replies with a small smile „in Islam, their prophet is consider as the king and according to their prophet every Muslim girl is his own daughter, so Islam provide the status of the princess to the Muslim women. So, they are superior to males, and they do so‟.

In the case, Alvi come in from the kitchen and pass on the coffee. Melifus was willing to know that why Austins had call him in the winters, and that day it was raining very heavily. Alvi discussed the problem with Melifus and demand the solution.

„Oh! So it is the problem, the problem here is that people hate you because you are the mutant and people consider you a magician. So by this we came to know that there is problem for two kind of persons, magicians and mutants‟ said Melifus.

After some months they find a solution. By the magical sense of Melifus and strong scientific abilities of William, they initiate a school, not on earth but on my planet „Trilogen‟. At the first ceremony of the school, after collecting more than eight hundred mutant students, Mr. and Mrs. Austin were hosting the Welcome.

There was a problem in the connection of the nature. Alvi William Austin though was a beautiful lady but besides that her attitude (behavior) was so that can make anyone one fell in love. Same was the case with Melifus. During these months Melifus proposed Alvi for many times, and every time Alvi was refusing. 

She loves William by the core of her heart. For some days Melifus was quite. But at the function, in one of the rooms of William's personal home, Melifus again did the same, and this time William see him clearly an by the luck he too observe Alvi refusing.

„you black sheep, how do you think about this cheap act?‟ said William to Melifus, rushed in the door and hold his neck, „get out of here‟ said William again to Melifus. Melifus apologies, but William didn't listen a bit.

Swiftly William and Austin went to Austinland. For first day, Melifus was silent. But second day Melifus come to their school, seeing him, Alvi and William get out to the school, at the entrance door.

„Melifus you, any toil here to do?‟ said Alvi to Melifus.

„(Angerly) he is her for the sake of death‟ said William to Alvi

Looking angrily, Melifus by his magic hit both very hard. He try to try it again but this time Alvi try to stop with her powers. Melifus‟s magic hit himself and he got disappeared, but Alvi was pregnant, she lost her son. Not son‟s life, but due to the curse, her child would born from other women. 

His blood flow is of William and Alvi, and we don‟t know where he or she is. Six years after the incident, sir William passed away, and after a year of his death, Alvi too passed away”. This is the story of Austinland, and in what circumstances it was originated.

“(looking at the gate of the school), am I permitted to enter?” said Ian to Redolph.

“You will be given a task by this gate, if you could complete that, you are allowed. But if not, your memory will be vanished and send back to home” said Redolph.

“So, how can I have a task?” reply Ian

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