Ian swans and tries to get himself on the bank of the water. But it was night, the water flow was very hard and the water was cold too. Suddenly something holds Ian's leg very tightly under the water and pulls him into the water. Inside the water, Ian was struggling for oxygen. In the case he saw a shark coming towards him. 

The shark opened its mouth to eat Ian, Ian found himself in a city that was instead of humans, filled with the Octopuses, sharks, seahorses and many other sea creatures. The most amazing thing about them was that they too can talk like humans, even have only one language. Ian too was able to understand their language.

Looking behind, Ian saw an old blue octopus. The octopus said to him that he was the reason Ian came here. When Ian asked him for the reason, he moved away and told Ian to follow him. Ian does follow him. After walking to the little distance, Ian observes a large trench to which the octopus was terrified to cross. The octopus turns to Ian and says,

“You may be questioning why I have pulled you down here. I will answer this willingly.

My name is Omora and I am the founder of this civilization. At first I was as a pet in a scientist‟s house. His name was Khalil Hyam. He was a PhD student From Austinland and was working at Austenland‟slab of bio Mutation (ALBM). After a year, he was able to define this mystery and its antidote, even its symptoms when a mutant baby isn‟t born. 

I mean in my mother‟s womb. Some of the professors don‟t want him to be announced as a successful person of the institute and all the experimental animals were taken away, but I was permitted, because I was Hayam‟s pet. There was the last stage test for Hayam to do, and he decides to do it secretly. 

He wants to know my opinion that I am willing to make myself the animal for the experiment. The problem was that I wasn‟t able to take a single yes or know. He had a friend whose name was Antonio Moskove, he was a biotechnology graduate student. Hayam goes to him for help and tells him all the matter. 

Moskove agreed to help and in only one month he was able to make such a device that can make me talk and they can understand me. First they tested me and it was successful. Now they can understand me. Hayam told me about my desire to be his experimental animal. I trust Hayam so I did agree. 

At first he tried his previous successful methods. Then was the time of the final step. As I said before, I trust Hayam, so I was not so nervous to be its mark. But after he tried it on me. Instead of being normal, I became an imp. My size grew up and abilities too. I went to Moskove and absorb his abilities and his knowledge too. All the institutions were afraid of me.

Then a young beardless boy came in front of me and told me to stop. I didn‟t, instead I tried to absorb his abilities too. But he was a magician. He pulled out his magic wand and said ‘Gaes pannes aeshns vaps’, and I came back here to Atlantis. After that I teach octopuses all about the knowledge that I have taken from the Moskove and Hayam. Their mind was peace loving, so everyone here loves peace. 

The octopuses give this knowledge to small fishes and seahorses; they give it to sharks and others. Though we were successful in creating a different nation, I was not aware that a human ideology too contains greed. One day a blue shark came to me and requested that I teach him more. He was curious to learn more. 

I did, but I transferred the knowledge of greed into his mind. Not only greed but magic too. I don‟t know, but someone among Hayam and Moskove was a magician too. Thus the shark learns the magic too. To steal my kingdom from me, he magics my capital. My capital turns into a huge trench. Until I give him the eight rubies, the magic will keep harming me until I am alive.

I brought you here, because I smell the aroma of Austinland from you. If you help me, I promise you that I will give you one of the rubies. Because my dukedom is satisfied at seven.” After listening to this Ian replies to Omora that he is in the search of something else and he has spent days for it but the thing is out of hands.

“You are the only person I can trust on; you are the only ray of light in this darkness. But if you want to go back, you can, I won‟t stop you.” Said the Omora. When Omora tries to go back, Ian stops him and says that he will help them. Happily Omora takes Ian to the city and sets a stage for him. All the sea creatures get around him to know about the stranger. They were happy to see a stranger. 

Omora just cracked his voice to get the concentration of people over him, so the people concentrate and omora said to them:

“today we have a great day all about this young boy. He is from there, where I gathered the knowledge and gave it to you. He will help us to recover our capital, our homes and our hearts.”

The people happily scream out and loudly the voices of happiness. Looking at the people, Ian too came a happy face.

Omora put a belt on the shoulder of Ian and walked away to the small building. Entering it, he found that it is more than a palace. Sharks were servants and an octopus was king. They enter the room and have a discussion about recovering the capital. Omora taught Ian all about the capital city. 

No sea creature could go there because of the heavy magic. Only Ian was able to go there because he was a human. Omora confirms to Ian that he is not able to do magic because the young boy has done a strange kind of magic on him.


The work that Ian had to do was very hard. He has to destroy a glassy prison in which the golden piece of glass was kept. But this task was very hard because fifteen big sharks had covered the area.

During this conversation, Ian said to Omora that if Ian kills the head shark, will everything be alright? The reply from Omora was “no”. Listening to this, Ian asks Omora “why?” Omora replied that the shark is under someone else, though they get the lesson of peace too, but someone‟s magic destroys their self thinking ability. 

Then Ian asks for his name and unfortunately it was “Neon”. “Who is this Neon?” (Actually Ian was expecting the name melifus). Then Omora said him about neon. Neon was the name of a human, who was a mutant. He can live in water and on land both. He was a magician, the student of Melifus. 

He was someone to whom no magic, no mind power can do anything. Mind power was everything that Ian had. His weapon, power and so on. After hearing the name Neon, Ian was shocked with horror and terror. He can‟t believe this but it was reality. Ian was in the hanged position thinking something; a servant came in the room and called Omora for urgent work. During his work, Ian had left the place to go to the capital city.

Reaching there he saw the large trench. First he was thinking whether to jump in it or not, but then he gathered some courage and dive into the trench. Diving… diving… and diving, he reaches to the bottom where he observes no shark, only a clear dark and destroyed city. He walked some steps forward and saw some nine or ten sharks. The sharks were not like other sharks, but they have exactly the human figure. Hands, legs, figures etc. The eight


sharks were without any weapon but one of them had a bronze circle in his left hand. He picks them all away by his power because no one gets even a single injury. He fought for a long period of time. They hit Ian and Ian hit them. It was obvious that Ian would be injured, but not even a single shark was in the simple injury.

Observing the situation, Ian gathers his total power and creates a tornado in the trench. All the sharks, including the one with a bronze object, got trapped in the tornado. Ian holds the bronze object and it came out from the hand of the shark. All the sharks inside the tornado got shattered and disappeared. 

Then Ian moved on to find the chamber, but taking the sight away, he found the bunch of sharks with the shark king. There was no chamber there in the centre of the city. He shows the bronze circle to the group of sharks, all the sharks without shark king vanished away.

Ian was surprised to observe himself doing such an act. He was in amaze, because he had done something that he was not aware of. Suddenly he experiences a hit. The king hit Ian so Ian fell down on the sea bed. It was the same shark that Omora had said about to Ian.

Ian moves both his joined hands backwards and then pushes him towards the king. The king too applies his magical powers to Ian. No one was getting dominated over others. But Ian was looking somewhat tired, because he had fought too much earlier. Without any reason, Ian imagines a girl. He doesn‟t see her face or observe how she was, but observes an anonymous girl.


“Who are you?”, said Ian to the girl (in imagination during the fight).

The girl without saying anything comes near Ian and touches his hand softly.

In the fight, the hand got more power and the king darted to the wall and hit that very hard. His crown falls down from his head, but he can‟t make a single movement to pick that up.

There Ian was weeping, looking at the hand touched by the Anonymous girl. He had no reason to weep but didn’t know why he was weeping. Accidently he saw the crown of the king, as he was anxious, he kicked the crown very hard and it broke down.

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