Austinland, the school of dreams, magical and science. After every four years on 6 February, Austinland chooses the positive mind mutant student for their school to develop their mind and body.

There in the office of the principal “Mr. Holls Warden‟s” meeting hall, the meeting of teachers was going on about the new and easy way of finding the students. The hall of meeting was on the tallest tower of Austinland and the name of the tower was “Grand Mellow Tower” which was situated about 250 meter at the height. 

The Hall was one meter above the Grand Mellow Tower in air. The tower was made by anti gravity matter that was the last thing yet discovered in the Austinland by Mr. Warden.

Mr. Warden had a cigar in his mouth, shaved face, little mustaches and long curly white hair to the shoulders. His hair front style can‟t be observed because of his strange black hat. He always wears a Chinese traditional kind dress and under that can be something black observed. His shoes too were made up of the anti gravity advanced matter, so that his feet can‟t touch the ground. It was impossible to see his wrists.

“All of us need two things, Invention or innovation, today let me introduce you to the innovation, (gestures to his behind and a 3D picture of minion appear in air) Minions” said Mr. Warden.

Everyone was looking to each other‟s face (no one was known about the minions and their work). In the order, Mr. Warden configure about the minions that their work is to find the extraordinary students in less time. Everyone was looking at “Mr. Waav” who was the air but when he enter to Austinland, he will become an old fresh man with little white beard and white class hair. After listening the words of Mr. Grand and observe the staff looking at him, he stood in the corner very emotional. 

Blink look on Mr. Waav, Mr. Warden call up Mr. Waav; put his left hand on Waav and clear that Mr. Waav will be now known as “Mr. Joseph Waav”. Everyone in the Grand Mellow Tower‟s hall put their hands together in the Honor of Mr. Joseph. Mr. Warden raises his hand gesturing about silence and then announces “Mr. Joseph has


to do another work for us….” The Grand Mellow Hall was sounding very high.

Istanbul, one of the great place in the world, very dense and economical too. “Mr. Mosa lios” was a young slim man. Maximum portion of his hair and beard was turned white. He was a poor shopkeeper on a simple coffee shop who was entirely mashed in a loan. Mr. Mosa had a fifteen year old son whose name was “Ian ibni Mosa Lios”.

Ian was not an educated boy but had a great setup of mind. He was trying to find any possible way for seeking education and side by side help his father in his business.

One day two men from bank enter to the shop of Mr. M Lios, entering to coffee room, they directly enter to the kitchen of the restaurant. “Mr. Mosa Lios, excuse me” said one of the bank member to Mr. Mosa while he was preparing coffee for the customers. “Yes sir how I can help you?” said Mr. Mosa. In simple words the bank employs clear that bank can‟t give him more time limitations, and the reason for that was the bank‟s current situation was very dull. Mr. Mosa tried hard, but nothing happen. 

The bank had too clear that at the same day they were going to cease the entire shop. Ian was looking from the corner of the kitchen, his father‟s innocent eyes, and the non permitted tears of his father in eyes. Same like the thunder, a young man, who was professionally a bank employee, opens the kitchen door and announce to the costumers that the shop is under the bank “you can leave now” said the bank employee to the costumers. One by one every costumer stand up,


pay for whatever they had utilized from the shop to Ian. The bank employs apologies to Mr. Mosa and said that the step was from bank not from the young men. “I know about my bad luck” said Mr. Mosa innocently. “Sorry sir you too can leave now” said the bank employee. Mr. Mosa set his hand on Ian and said to leave the shop. Both went out of the shop, though it was evening time, both went to home. During this shop to home walk, a minion observes Ian and went back. It was very small distance from their past shop to their home. But when they went to home, “after a long distance, homecoming, huuu” said Mr. Mosa. Both went to the kitchen. “Dad we will get a better way to earn money” said Ian to his dad. Mr.

Mosa taught Ian that penny is not everything without the medium of exchange, “do you know Ian? Begging is the best habit of my life. Whenever I beg my friends for something that is not available to me, it just helps me to mingle more with my friends, to get more close to them”. Ian knows that his dad could say anything, but it was obvious that he should be in the depression. During this conversation, Ian looks out of the window and observe the night time. “Dad I think we should have a dinner, I am very hungry” said Ian. Ian actually wants to rest his dad so, out of the depression. Mosa quietly gestured “yes”. Both have a quiet dinner.

After the dinner, Ian prefers his dad to rest and Mosa willingly said okay.

After his dad went to sleep, Ian washes the medium. He turn the light of kitchen off and went to the first floor from ground floor,


enter to his room and went to sleep after turning the light of his room off.

Writhen a minute of sleep a shadow make an appearance in Ian‟s room. Ian woke up and slowly gets to down stairs to observe who it was. Reaching down Ian saw no one there, even he too observes in the room of his dad. Now there were two options only, one to be satisfy and go back to the room to sleep, and second was to look out and observe who it was. He choose the second one and go out to look for the situation.

Slowly he approach towards the door, open hurriedly and observe enormous light there, such that nothing without light was seeable. In case a white dressed, disciplined women just come in front of Ian. She was bearing the beauty of the simplicity, just the origin of the light.

“Who are you?” said Ian to the women. Ignoring the question, the woman said:

“Ian remembers, just the shadow you saw in your room was vanished by the light, so, anything dark can be vanished by the light… anything.”

Ian was looking at her very moist eyes; suddenly a dark soul came from behind…

“Huu hhaa”, Ian woke up and observe that this all was a dream.


Again he comes down to the first floor, reaching down the stairs, Ian look around terrifying and enter to the kitchen and had a glass of water. Then come back to his bed room and go to sleep.

It was morning time, when Ian woke up. The sun was clear and hot. Ian went to the washroom, get fresh and ready. Coming to the kitchen, he saw an old fresh man having a cup of tea and a dealing conversation with his father (amazingly it was Mr. Joseph there). Seeing Ian Mr. Joseph says, “Oh what a great surprise man. I had never expected that the boys of this street can wake up too early like this” (both Mr. Joseph and Mr. Mosa laughs because it was too late). Mosa said to Ian to sit near them. First Mr. Mosa introduced Ian to Mr. Joseph

“So what do you think I am here for?” ask Mr. Joseph to Ian.

Ian looks at his dad and said not even a word only gesture by head “no idea”.

“You are going to school” said Mosa to his son.

There were little teary eyes on the face of Ian because right from the childhood he was dreaming to go to school. “I may be dreaming dad” said Ian emotionally to his dad.

Mr. Joseph put out the wrist watch from his coat pocket and give it to Ian. Those days, people were only aware about the classic wrist watches, but when Mr. Joseph offers a high tech digital watch to Ian, both Ian and Mr. Mosa totally go red. After observing the


situation of father and son, Mr. Joseph said to them that the watch is actually the key to the entrance to school. After six hours, Ian had to organize himself for the school.

“Perhaps, what is the name of the school, Mr. Joseph?” said Ian to Mr.


Mr. Joseph reply to Ian by saying “May be the school of your dreams, Austinland”…


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