Ian with his father went to the airport, according to Mr. Joseph, Ian was at the scholarship and the watch will work as his passport. So with some material, Ian went to the airport. At airport they saw a man with banner holding in his hand of the name “Mr. Ian Lios”. Both Mosa and Ian approach to the man and said him that is he here from Austinland or not. “watch?” the man replies. Ian shows him the watch and said that he is Ian. The man request Mr. Mosa to went back home and convince him that he will take full care of Ian as his own son. Mr. Mosa does obey to the man and went back.


The man was wearing brown old jacket with an old type trousers. His head bear the black hair only to the sides, upper portion was totally blank. He had no beard or mustaches on his face. Still he seems like an old man. He was very strange, most his style of walking. He seems to be strict too, but his face did not match up with his soul. He was very kind too, so for Ian it was comfortable to have a long journey from Istanbul to London with him.

“Sir Can I know your name please?” said Ian to the man.

“Redolph, you can call me Mr. Dolph too. But only you” reply the man to the Ian.

Mr. Dolph went to the washroom, so by following, Ian too. There was no one in the washroom, still Mr. Dolph look around to ensure that there was no one present in the room. After he checks, “come on, here” said Mr. Dolph to Ian. Ian do, in a fraction of a second, when he observe his eyes after a blink, he observe his head was very heavy and beside, he observe himself in front of a giant door and long pillars.

“before you say anything let me tell you one thing that we came here by the help of the teleporter, that makes our million miles travel to be done in a second” said Mr. Redolph to Ian.

Looking at the gate “Wow what a great place this is, common let's enter” Said Ian to Mr. Dolph.

“I want to show you something, but don't be afraid please” said Mr. Dolph to Ian.

Redolph put a mask off his face, put out the coat and a trouser. When Ian looks at him he then came to know that Redolph was not a human, but something very strange. This was the time when the mysteries begin to chop off the secrets.

Redolph‟s face was dark purple. He had long arms with hands of three fingers each. His ears were long as walnut leaf. His feet too contain three figures each. His chest was covered with old dark purple his own skin, just like he was wearing a long shawl. His nose was similar to human's nose. He had only one eye that could move to anywhere to his head. He had no hair, but a flat chin, not round but flat one hundred and eighty degree. His voice was fluffy and heavy.


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