Opening the eyes, Ian observes himself in a desert like place. His head was totally in pain; after all he was suffering from the thirst of water too. He stands up and looks around. Immobile, he was confused which way to go. 

At his left side was a sand dune. He climbs it and looks again around. Far away in front side, he saw a little moment. 

“It is noon time and to reach there, it takes me to evening” he said to himself. He starts to travel to his destiny. Though he was very thirsty, still by his courage, he took a step on step.

In a fraction of a blink, he saw a snake in front of him. To kill him and then eat as food, he try to find something that he could use as weapon. He turn two steps left, there was a log of wood in sand to which a strong stick was attached. 

Ian holds the stick and pull it so that he could detach the stick from the log and kill the snake. The second he does so, the log comes out of the sand and he saw hundreds of snakes there. Snakes realize the presence of human and ran fast towards him.

Without seeing around and thinking anything, screamingly he ran away very fast. Now he look behind there was no one. He tends to turn his head to the front, suddenly a giant snake come out of the sand. As breadth he was three feet, and as length, more than twenty five meters long. He grabs Ian very tightly and took him inside the sand.


The Task 

Ian opens his eyes slowly and realizes that there is no sand, but a very clean room filled with very strange creatures. These creatures seem like the brown legs and arms are attached to the eel. Within the second, the same grand snake come to the room, but this time his length seems no more than four feet and breadth was same. 

But this time, he too had black legs and hands. He was the king of “sarphs” (the creatures in the room).

“My dear beloved people, we have a stranger here after a long time, won‟t you bear to have a great facilitate for him?” said the king.

Some of his soldiers make a circle around Ian and slowly come near. In the case Ian was thinking to save himself from their sharp nails and teeth, slowly they were coming near and near.

“Stop! First listen here. I am not here to harm you, I am here as prisoner. I too want to get out of here” said Ian.

The king gestures by his hands to stop his solders and they get back.


“I think you may be a fool. How can anyone be a prisoner here under the open sky and on the vast land?” said the king.

“I am here in the search of the blood for… (Ian wants to say something more)”

“Kill him” screams the king loudly.

“Stop! There is another way from which we can take his advantages.” Queen opposing. The soldiers stop and look at the king for his order but the king ask reason from the queen.

“The reason is the boy itself, today he asks for blood. We will keep him alive and when his growth will be Complete, when he will fully have a beard. We will have its blood. Each and every drop to each and Everyone.” Said the queen.

“Prison him in the jail, feed him like you feed me, and then…. (Laughs with everyone in the room)” the King.

Soldiers took him away and prison him in the jail. That was the night time too, they brought food to him. Don‟t know what that was but that was decorated very nicely. Eating the food, he came to know that food is delicious too. He ate the food and left the plate on the floor of the jail and went to sleep.

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