With You and With Me

 With You and With Me

with you and with me

Let my God allocate all my joy to her,

So that seeing her happy could turn me.

Her smile is all my eyes want to see,

Forgetting; all the ashes, fires and cluster.


Walls were opaque by eyes, but what about the heart?

It feels her presence beyond any distance.

My eyes are drowning in her essence,

Eyes may go blind, but the soul never forgot.


Listen to her silence what she speaks,

Let my virtue come to be real.

This mist of soul is such ideal,

It doesn’t remember, but it seeks.


The thing felted is the thing we are made for.

The light of her forehead is what shines the way.

Her beauty is immortal; I don’t know what words to say.

My sentence is screaming even after every scar.


Every night for me is a storyteller.

Every story is dropped by my eye.

Every sea contains the story of the sky.

Like every planet co-ordinates in interstellar.


Who said in love; ‘It hurts… it gives pain?’

Love is the thing of unstoppable ease.

It not a storm but a sweet breeze.

It is not a rumble of thunder but beautiful rain.


Nature begins to perform its symphony,

I am waiting for you to delight it with me.

I don’t know how he had written our destiny?

I don’t know what he created for my eyes to see?

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