To the Beloved

 To the Beloved

To the Beloved

I see you purely when you are away from me.

This pain is beautiful, let it be.

We are not different oh my darling.

My prayers have the power, you will have to see.


When he is merciful and I am his dust,

Look at how he changes our destiny.

You will meet me; I will be all yours,

This world contains nothing but in heaven's city.


The women of paradise are no more beautiful than you.

When they will see you, they will bend on the knee.

Being in shade of yours is something different,

When I am with you, my soul is all free.


When I recite your name, all worlds become mine,

I get everything without any fee.

Reciting your name is a most pleasurable thing, my beloved.

Oh, Muhammad! You are my soul's key.

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