No One will Hurt You

 No One will Hurt You

No One will Hurt You

‘No one will hurt you, no one will ever;’

Say these words to someone and see.

You will be peaceful in life never,

That is what is going with me.


I trusted them a lot, I hoped to be clever.

But the worst things were going to be.

They are who made my standards shiver.

That was a start of grief and my key.

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Key to explain sums in a word,

The words of mountains and the deep.

That is how joy flies like a bird,

That is the secret that I have not to keep.


What are the signs of an upcoming hazard?

What is the crop, we have to reap?

Without setting the seed of sorrowful curd,

How can we make our stress be a sweep?


No time for me, then what is for others?

That is what means how close I am.

How could a bird fly without feathers?

Unknown, all is worst or more than a scam.

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