The soul is burning in the mistakes of my heart.
Why would I have chosen you instead of joy?
Without difference you are me and I am you;
 Then how can we be apart; being one life.

Love is essentially the reflection of ours,
In the huge mirror of cosmos in deep.
We are not strangers, we are not relatives,
Neither is we friends nor is we foes.

You are quanta if I am light,
You are the flow inside my nerves.
The power that flows during the fight,
The fight of reaching to you beyond curves. 

The hustle is on extreme to meet to you.
Nonsense I am despite knowing the fact.
That you are me and I am you.
Ultimately I have to go to find myself. 

Don’t fail to be nonsense in love,
It is not for reasonable people.
Beloved’s nonsense acts are all;
That the lover’s heart dies to live.
One heard the cosmic voice on earth,
Others can't even focus on its heart.
That is the love foremost over the distance,
That is how we are one, without any offense.

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