Let we Both Grab a Single Grave

 Let we Both Grab a Single Grave

Let we Both Grab a Single Grave

And look how destiny has set us incomplete.

Fallen, broken, and disintegrated, my dreams of sweet.

But don’t you lose hope listen my dear.

You be butterfly and wind is always near.


Let you be peahen dancing without strain.

I am falling thing dear, dance in the falling rain.

Let you be sunset, let I will be your moth.

Let me chase my soul without any sloth.


Is there a reason that your lips are a lock?

What have I done my beloved, why don’t you talk?

And now you are talking what are you leaning?

Look at your words they are without meaning.


Don't look to my face my love, my eyes have spoken;

How much I love you and how my heart is broken.

Look how we use to cry, laugh and play along.

Remember my darling that meaningless song.




Look how God has given the difference to none.

No matter how we separate, we are always one.

I can’t see anything else than you.

Please tell my darling what had you done?


And let my love to feed my soul.

Let love be the roots and you be my bole.

Let my all energy fade to the dark side.

No matter where you are, your love is always my bride.


Let me take a promise for the sake of nothing.

Let me hold my life in one cling.

Let you promise and hold my hand.

You are not sky and I am not land.


Let you be master, let me serve.

Let I am neuron let you be a nerve.

Let He make straight lines.

Let we take a different curve.


Let me hug the time let me kiss the air.

Let me destroy myself without any fear.

Let my every tear fall on smiling face;

Look deep in them to the story of your grace.


Let me perform my obsequies;

Let you perform it oh my Dave.

Hold on it is such good news,

Let we both grab a single grave.

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