I Fell in Love with a Moon

I Fell in Love with a Moon

I Fell in Love with a Moon

I was desperate with the anthem of love in the eye,

It was mid-evening and all was dark like hope.

With the breath of grief, I look to the sky,

And a ray collides with a tear like a rope.


 Like my dream was above in the gleam, 

I was waiting for her arrival very soon.

She was reflecting the skies in the stream,

And I was deeply in love with the moon.


My love was unique and true of all,

Not a bit of greed it had.

I wanted to touch it without fall,

But all my efforts would turn me sad.


Then someone says me a simple question;

‘Why do you have the moon, such love?'

I was memorizing all I had done,

And all I had planned to do now.


Like the dove’s white fur;

The answer was very soft and meek.

Because it was not like any other,

Because it was the most unique.


Sometimes our love is greed,

Sometimes greed is our love.

Sometimes the last has to lead,

Sometimes winner loses the cove.


The moon is beautiful to everyone,

But to me, it is more than that.

Losing it for day to them is just fun,

But hiding in a cloud is really my brat.


Oh! Unknown do you know what?

Everyone is going to hurt you again.

But don't leave over or don't take a cut,

That is how a boy becomes the man.  

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