He and She

 He and She

he and she

That was his first time like that,

The heart was beating with the silent brat.

Her idiotism was reflecting the flavor of pink,

The situation was sweet and he got the sink.


The deal was of water for the ring,

She was queen and he was the king.

But childhood is like the scary confuse sky.

You know the reason but don’t know why.


He didn’t take the ring, he was shivering for a kind reason.

She was a rose un-influential of seasons.

He refuses the deal and presents to her the drop.

And he was watering his heart for the crop.


Love is the crop that doesn't harvest.

If the soul is a bird then love is its nest.

He hadn’t guessed what situations might turn.

He was unaware of what he was going to earn.


His treasure of love starts unexpected,

He wanted to see her every moment.

He was a criminal, who wasn’t suspected,

Neither by variables nor by constant.


He was confused about what to name

The feeling he had for that miss.

Maybe his heart was ready to blame

His eyes for his soul’s dis.


He hadn't felt such feeling before.

She was a sea and he was the shore.

Every time he wanted to feel her around.

He would focus on air to listen her sound.


His feelings started by the name of friendship.

After which he was sunk in a drip.

His heart would only take her name.

That is what is known as the heart-beat game.


Ah! The story took the U-turn,

Her words for him were no more.

It was not heart but soul to be burn

Because love was not by heart then but from the core.


He would look to her for a single smile.

But every day the distance would turn up to the mile.

Now my dear reader, tell me whom to blame?

Was it just shyness or nature’s style?




She never then talked to him again.

He was inside filled with pain.

He wanted to talk but was shy.

Refuting that his truth was just a lie.


The truth was he was fallen in love with her.

She was soft, calm and meek like a fur.

She was his first love of life;

Whom he thinks would be his future wife.


He found no way to go before that girl.

The world was the sea of love and she was the only Pearl.

But his destiny let him not to go before his love.

 All the orders of his fate were decided from above.


This was that kind of love whom he never murmurs about.

He will act in such a way to be far from her doubt.

But these actions let them both separate.

Whatever was going on was going very late.


Time passed and He proposed other two.

But his heart was screaming for her ‘where are you?’

But worse happens when the war goes by heart and mind.

The mind is all about greed but, the heart is all about true and kind.




Maybe he was trying to indulge himself over something else.

But there was no peace, without her; his heart yells.

On every proposal, he was out of banner.

She was present in his soul’s every manner.


The girls he proposed were calm and nice.

And every proposal was on the act of dice.

One girl was far from the queen's sight.

The other was her friend in her own light.


One day she came to know about his act.

She came to him to make him correct.

She tries to help but that didn't fare.

All were the same but she was rare.


She was talking to him and that is all he needs.

She was his first love, not the sum of greeds.

But she was reflecting no love on her face.

He might have smiled but in a different case.


The time passed and they turn best associates.

They grew up with a friendship like desert and dates.

Their conversations begin deep and curious.

He was calm-chaos and she was meek and furious.



Their talks let last for an hour to hour.

But did queen have guessed about one unknown lover?

Who loves her queen by soul and core.

Who was now sunk not in the sea but shore?


One day experience was taught by his fate.

He has to reflect how his love was great.

She confessed that she likes some other guy;

Who was proposing her from king's goodbye.


The worse was that he had never confessed.

The situation turned as he had never guessed.

King’s love was long term before that lad.

But queen thought he was first one to be mad.


He was in purest love to her soul.

He accepted the guy and played the role.

Role to let do as per queen wishes.

Let the lines do let godsend fishes.


He might have oozed for his broken dream.

She was the ocean of moon's gleam.

The king has to live without his queen.

His heart was garden without the green.




But then he knew the reality of the love of deep.

It was care, hope and promise to keep.

The promise did by the soul to soul as a deal;

No matter where one is, other has to feel.


Love is not about body or bond.

It is the feeling of the soul full of blond.

Love is not an arrow, dagger or knife.

Love is the soul feeling the life.


She was with him on friendship name.

Friendship carries mistakes but without blame.

They will scream, they will cry shedding tears on one’s shoulder.

They will tease they will support and joy full of a folder.


Love is called by different names.

Like a candle burns in different flames.

Every name is on a lower tip.

The best name of love is friendship.


He accepted whatever was given to him by his fate.

She was his religion and he was her saint.

He was driving in her eyes; she was flying in her soul.

They were present in one other, in every bit and every mole.


And he asked the world;

Isn’t it love?

But his eyes were raining;

Looking above.

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