good bye

Loving doesn’t matter in love to be,

But what matters is feeling the beloved.

Nothing is painful, didn’t you see?

Else mob wanes when they are in the crowd.


The voice of beloved is perfect harmony,

You know but want to listen to their name.

Their words are tastier than the honey,

The cold in summers is their breath’s flame.


Why cry over me, if you never let me smile,

Why lose the tears of the deep pearl.

Is that because it is tense’s style,

Or because you see a bum in painful Curl.


The life actually is the beginning of death,

The death is the reward to the great lover.

The painful world is essentially the hell's sheath,



Everyone despairs, everyone has hopes,

Life is the story of two opposite truths.

Every picture is seen by two loops,

Every reality is content of myths. 


Guard me against the fire please,

Nothing is for my feeling to show.

Oh, world my spirit is now on the ease,

Said her goodbye, now I have to go.

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