I saw a reflection of love in her,

Like everything has vanished around.

She was soft-soul like a lax fur,

She was free in nature without any bound.


I wrote a letter to havens for informing,

That one of its pearls had fallen on the earth.

I wasn’t aware that they were storming,

My heart was in love with the lovely worth.


Her drawn-out smile while looking to me,

Is all the life I feel worth to live.

I can’t stop questioning about how is she,

Never to get and never to give.


Her lips while at calm are the map of above,

Where the paradise lies at peace.

Her blink gives out the colored rainbow,

Who would know heavens have a crease.



When she looks to me with a side slide of the eye,

I feel numb like I am done of all.

That feels me be flying in the sky,

But this kind of love could be only by the troll.

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