Dive Deep and Die

 Dive Deep and Die

dive deep and die

Her eyes were beautiful fog,

Nothing seems visible there.

But let I tell the words of my log,

I dive in them without any fear.


The fog was like a white cloud,

I think I am having a great fly.

Suddenly her eyes speak aloud,

Dive deep in me and die.


The facts of love are stranger more,

Like a fish is made to climb a tree.

You will sink for reaching to shore,

Despite the energy to cross the sea.


No matter what mountain I chose,

No matter how I swim much high.

No matter how I defeat the loose,

I dive deep into her eyes and die.


Her arrows were poisoned with love,

For such sake, I take them with all my will.

Her love was more than poison and above,

No matter I got the life or kill.


Then I reach the eternal water,

Which shines her eyes like the moon.

Her every blink was my slaughter.

But hope was alive to dive again soon.


I was frozen with the commerce,

Tough work; ever done by my eye.

I don’t differ in best and worse,

I just dive deep and die.

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