The clock ticks are going on,

I am waiting for you alone here.

I have no clue where you are gone,

Still waiting; for my beloved’s care.


I have no tear in my eye,

All they want is my heart-beat again.

But oh! My silence full of cry,

And smile hiding place of pain.


Things never fade when you are in love,

Things just change from what they were.

Look up to heaven, once look above;

The falling thing isn’t rain but my tear.


Things are not fine, they are just okay,

The smile is not happiness, it is just a sine.

I have no excuse to make your stay,

And no hope to say ‘you are mine.’



These freezing mountains can't stop the heart to beat,

Love is a flame that never has an end.

I might be a loser, but in the name of defeat;

Let you grab my hand, let life be our friend.


Sometimes I ask myself ‘why only she?'

Sometimes there is a loss of hope.

this pain is beautiful, let it be,

Life is slow, life is lope.


Sometimes I am amazed at you;

How can’t you see me in pain?

I have no way left to walk through,

No way crossed to walk again.

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