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Top 5 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Kashmir

Top 5 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Kashmir

Asalamualaykum Guys, Hope you are all well. Today in this post, we will talk about the Top 5 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Kashmir. I have made this list by the number of Subscribers, and I will also tell you how much they earn from YouTube. 

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Kashmir

We know that since 4G arrived in our State and the day Jio arrived in our lives. Our life has changed in the online field. Because there were days when we had no idea of What YouTube is? We didn't know what it was. All we knew was it's a Video Streaming App, and it's only for those who have Broadband Service

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Jio brought us Packs, and 4G Brought us speed, that's when we started watching videos on YouTube. Some people got inspired, and they Started their YouTube Channel and Some people just loved Watching only. People who began Uploading Videos didn't get the response they dreamt of, but they didn't quit. They didn't respond because they made their videos of their Native Language, Kashmiri. 

    The maximum Kashmiri's weren't aware of YouTube, yet Kashmiri Starters didn't get the response they wanted. But time kept going, and Kashmiri's started to prefer YouTube above all. This was when the Kashmiri YouTubers began to get their desired response.

    Now without wasting more time, let's get started and talk about them on the list, by jumping from one.

    List of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Kashmir

    I have made this list according to the number of Subscribers, not by some ranking or else. Also, I am not going to describe their whole story here. I will keep my article limited to numbers, i.e., Numbers of Subscribers, Date of Start and short Description about their Content etc. 

    Kashmiri Kalkharaabs

    Kashmiri Kalkharabs: It is one of the most subscribed channels in Kashmir, which was started in 2016 and had over 700k Subscribers and 117 Million Views. It is famous in Kashmir for its Kashmiri Kalkharaab Dramas which consists of Emotional, Funny Videos etc.

    Kashmiri Rounders 

    Kashmiri Rounders is the second top YouTube Channel of Kashmir. It was also started in 2016 by Maahi Aamir and his teammates. It has over 630k Subscribers and 112 Million Views. It is also one of the fastest-growing Youtube Channels in Kashmir. They are famous for their Funny Content and Messages driven by their Videos.

    Kashmiri Backbenchers

    Kashmiri Backbenchers is the third top YouTube Channel of Kashmir. It was started in 2017 by Imran Rashid Thokroo. It has crossed over 412k Subscribers and 50 Million Views. Apart from every Channel I mentioned above, Kashmir Quick News started. When the first video about the Marriage of Qayoom Badshah went Viral, he changed the whole topic of his Channel and hired some actors to support him in Videos. Their main aim is Kashmiri Kalkharabs and Kashmiri Rounders to make everyone laugh. 

    Bin Zaid Gaming

    Bin Zaid Gaming is a leading Gaming YouTube Channel and fourth top YouTube Channel on our list of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Kashmir. I didn't know any Kashmiri Gaming Channel was having over 300k Subscribers. But while I was researching this topic. I got some info about him, and I thought it's worth keeping him in the list. It has over 346k Subscribers and above 21 Million Views and also He started this Channel in 2012.

    Koshur Kalakar

    Koshur Kalakar is last but not least on our list of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Kashmir. They started it in the year 2018. It has over 260k Subscribers and has crossed over 26 Million Views. They are one of the sufficient YouTubers of Kashmir, and the way they edit their videos is quite remarkable. They also make funny and emotional videos.


    So, it's the end of our today's topic. Hope you guys loved this article about "Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Kashmir". If I have written something wrong in this article, please let me know in the section. Thank You.

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