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The Mistakes of Today’s Education System

The Mistakes of Today's Education System

The Mistakes of Today’s Education System

Hello readers, Welcome again to The Kashmir Update, Hope you are doing well. Today we will be talking about the Mistakes of Today's Education System. After the patience and research of more than two months, I can well say about some 'Mistakes of today's Education System.'

Before I begin, there is a thing that I want to mention in advance, which is about the word LIKELY. I used that world to create an image of near progression, not actual education. My ways could also have some drawbacks, that is why I request you to submit them in the comments and also comment on what I have missed.

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If I talk from basics, today's education creates competition between students, instead, that is opposite to the motive of education. In Finland, its opposite is done. There, students don't have competition, but collaboration. This is not such a big problem on the ground level, but in higher accordance, it is the biggest problem. 

The second problem that we have by today's education is what I call the 'Maturity-denying rule.' It is ok that you are providing the knowledge of everything to the student till it reaches sixth class, but after that, it has to work with all of them still. After the class sixth, a student is well-minded to choose its single and favorite subject. 

Do you know where did the famous equation, E=mc2 came from?

The Mistakes of Today’s Education System

Most of you will say, Albert Einstein. Yes, you are right, but the equation was published by him only after his wife Maleva checked his equation. She was able to do that because physics was her first and true love right from childhood. This second problem is so deep that our upcoming article will be over it. 

The third problem is with the general knowledge providence. If your aim is something other than IAS or KAS, then by gaining General knowledge, you are wasting your time.

Why does a doctor need to study geography? 

Why does a physicist need to know about the hypothalamus? 

The fourth problem is that it presents the Examination as the only survival chance for a being. All your life is dependent on a single marks card. If you are good in all subjects that it presents to you, you will qualify.

But, if you are best in one (so not such good in others), you will not be recognized for that. It means if you want to buy a brush from a shop, you have to buy socks and towels too, no matter you need them or not.

It may be a common word for you 'you are an intelligent kid, but no one is going to believe you it won't pass the examination.'  The first thing is that you have to display what you are, not by your talent but by the theories of others that don't apply to all.

The second thing is that if you are gifted in biology, you have to pass economics to show that you are best in biology. I just want sarcastically to salute this system

If you would be asked that what the motive of pure education is, I believe that your answer will be the opposite of what I am going to say about the present education system, (I would be honored to have your comments about that below).

Today's education doesn't teach us anything, but how to make money. Even in some places, education is a means of business too. I am not saying STOP MAKING MONEY BY EDUCATION, but I am saying stop focusing on MONEY only by education. The one who approaches humanity, without barriers of religion, caste, and sex, is educated.

I know how people say "We are Ph.D., but didn't have a job." It is because they have only focused that jobs make money and that is due to education. If you are educated then you should be an expert in something too.

You can write an influential and different book on that topic. You can either start your own Youtube channel related to your interest. I think education teaches us two main lessons that seem different to one other but are important and their difference also teaches something. 

Education teaches us collaboration and independence. We have to collaborate with one other so we unite and let no enemies behind. Then it is independence. One is not dependent on something for making money or jobs. One didn't need others' wings to fly, the only thing he needs is HIS ideas to make an Aeroplane to fly. 

Today a father sends his son/daughter to school for education with pride. But what when he would come to know that he has not sent them to learn and understand morals, but to be a member of the business.

But I want to thank the teacher society, who gets out of this education system for some minutes and teach us morals. Please share our articles for our support, because we are here for you people.

Hope you guys Enjoyed Reading this Article, Please do share this with your Family and Friends. Thank You.

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