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Facts You didn't Know about Jammu and Kashmir

Facts You didn't Know about Jammu and Kashmir

Facts You didn't Know about Jammu and Kashmir: Hello Guys, Welcome to Kashmir Update you've just stumbled upon the Blog that holds a few Articles about this World's Countries and States. If you're new here I urge you to share our Blog with your Friends, there's no shortage of content I promise.

Facts about Jammu and Kashmir State:

Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost Indian state located mostly in the mighty Himalayan mountains. The place is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and numerous shrines that attract both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims but for the rest of the world this state rings a bell for a different reason it has been the subject of a territorial conflict between India Pakistan and China for many decades and thus it's often appeared in the news for the wrong reasons.

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Historical facts about Jammu and Kashmir:

A part of the former princely states of Kashmir and Jammu the region has been disputed by the regional powers ever since the 1940s while the current state is entirely a part of India the western and northern districts of the former princely states are part of Pakistan and the eastern Aksai chin region belongs to China.

Geographical facts about Jammu and Kashmir:

Before the imminent Independence of India Jammu and Kashmir had a Muslim majority so naturally, Pakistan was expecting its manager to join their country but the main political power of the region was secular and allied to the Indian National Congress and India too was expecting Jammu and Kashmir to join them in light of this indecision rebellious citizens.

Pakistan invaded the states in 1947, and in response, Maharaja Hari Singh asked India for military assistance they received it but only if they will join India and the Instrument of Accession was signed.

Evidently, war broke out and the issue was never resolved in fact in 1968 to 1971 and 1999 saw 3 more wars between the 2 nations over this issue besides China also had claimed over this area and another war broke out between India and China in 1962 the issue is of course much more complicated and I advise you to read more about this subject if you're interested in more details.

As it always happens when political leaders can't resolve their issues it's the common men and women the ones that feel the very real repercussions due to these major conflicts. Jammu and Kashmir don't have a very good economy or infrastructure although some progress has been made over the years and the situation is improving however as long as the territorial disputes are not solved then accepted by everyone Jammu and Kashmir remains one of the most potentially dangerous places on earth another war would obviously be devastating but look for a moment at this map and see if you can spot a problem.

Don't know what I'm talking about well India Pakistan and China are all nuclear powers if just one of these countries would ever decide to make use of their nuclear arsenal Jammu and Kashmir would be leveled within hours such an action would of course have apocalyptic repercussions throughout the entire world so let's just all hope that these 3 will never do something so reckless.

Amazing facts on Jammu and Kashmir:

Jammu and Kashmir's capital city was Srinagar but only as long as it's summer when winter comes the city of Jammu would become the capital of the state. Srinagar is a bustling city of over One Million population and has been referred to as the Venice of the east there's plenty to see in this historical city so no tourists should be disappointed.

Recent facts about Jammu and Kashmir:

On August 05, 2019, The special status i.e, Article 370 and 35A of Jammu and Kashmir was revoked by the Government of India. Jammu and Kashmir are now acting as Union Territory while Ladakh is separated from Jammu and Kashmir and made Separate Union Territory.

Jammu & Kashmir is in Lockdown since the day Article 370 and 35A was abrogated, Internet Services were banned, Communications were shut down.

Geographical facts about Jammu and Kashmir:

Jammu is only about half of the size of the city(Srinagar) with no data but is equally beautiful in fact tourism is the prime industry of the states went to Capitol. Some of you might be wondering if there's any relation between the region of Kashmir and that special fabric famous throughout the world well for one the name "Cashmere" also known as Spanish Meena does come from the name of the state.

Cashmere is made from the processing of the hair of the camper here because goat that lives on the Tibetan highlands in the Himalayas and principally in Mongolia so why is it called cashmere if the material does not come from the Kashmir region simply because the processing of the precious wolf was first developed in the region of Kashmir as a result of the Silk Road the name of this region has does become the generic name of the fabric.

As I mentioned earlier in the article Jammu and Kashmir is a breathtakingly beautiful place it's adopted by countless rides that are visited by thousands of devout pilgrims and the national and international tourists are also starting to make a comeback and for good reason.

A large portion of the state is situated in a high elevation valley surrounded and divided by the great Himalayas with an average elevation of over 5000 meters because of Jammu and Kashmir's wide range of elevations its biogeography is incredibly diverse and it's a land of extremes while some regions our hearts and can experience temperatures of over 40°C and little rain others receive insane amounts of rainfall and the higher you go the colder it gets some high elevation areas can experience temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees.

These were some "Facts you didn't know about Jammu and Kashmir" if you enjoyed the article please leave your comments downstairs and do check me out on Facebook and Twitter. I hope to see you next time bye.

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