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After 20 Years Back to Home, A Kashmiri Broke Down in a Letter

After 20 Years Back to Home, A Kashmiri Broke Down in a Letter

After 20 Years Back to Home, A Kashmiri Broke Down in a Letter: Having gone through 23 years in jail, I would not like to squander a snapshot of my subsequent life. I needed to locate that youngster inside me, who was once brimming with dreams. Be that as it may, after I got back to Kashmir, a home without Ammi Abbu wasn't the equivalent; I'd have bad dreams of being back in the cell. To redirect my brain, my sibling encouraged me to set up a store. 


A Kashmiri Broke Down in a Letter

At some point, my sister stated, 'You need a partner throughout everyday life.' I froze–the last time I'd felt the surge of being infatuated was 33 years prior. I was in jail when I discovered she'd gotten hitched; she has 3 youngsters now. 

I needed a group, yet didn't have the foggiest idea whether I'd actually have the option to cherish once more. Additionally, for what reason would anybody need to be with a 49-year-old like me? Lekin Bhai-Behen peeche cushion Gaye; Rishta dhundhne lage woh. I had clarified that I'd speak the truth about my past–true to form, 3 ladies, dismissed me. 

At that point came Fatima Ji's Rishta. I can always remember the day I met her unexpectedly she was dressed evidently and didn't talk a lot. I needed to ensure she had a deep understanding of my past, so I addressed her alone. There, the main thing I asked her was, 'Fatima Ji, apne itne Saade kapde Kyun pehne hai?' and it was her answer that won my love, 'I am who I am. I don't need you to be misled by outward appearances,' she said. 

We represented 4 hours–I revealed to her about my cell life no. 3. She informed me regarding her bombed marriage–only 6 days after her Nikah, she'd left her better half since they were requesting share 'In the event that I'd given in once, they'd continue requesting 100 different things,' she said. We both had languished over no deficiency of our own; it associated us. 

I advised her, 'I probably won't be the enchanting ruler you merit yet I guarantee I'll do everything to keep you glad.' Without faltering, she answered, 'Aadhi roti khayenge toh bhi mehnat ki khayenge; Saath me khayange.' She was the one. Before leaving, I stated, 'Sab alright report hai na?' My jail dialect sneaked out accidentally; we both enjoyed a hearty chuckle. 

Uske baad mangni ho Gayi; the wedding date was fixed– here, we don't meet before the wedding however I needed to invest energy with Fatima Ji. Along these lines, I requested her telephone number; we'd talk throughout the day. 

I got authorization from her Abbu and took her out 4-5 times–we'd walk around Dal lake and eat frozen yogurt. Ek din Maine chupke se bol diya, 'I love you Fatima Ji'; she went all red. 


We had a little wedding before long; being a hitched man feels distinctive now, I have someone I need to buckle down for. I call her Fatima Ji before others yet when only we're, I call her Jaan and she reddens! I'm presently figuring out how to drive, so I can take her for a lengthy drive! 

Faatima Ji has brought such a great amount of satisfaction into my life that everything feels like a fantasy. 3 weeks of conjugal happiness and I'm now beginning to fail to remember the 23 years. It's actually what they state, 'Love recuperates you.'

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