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10 Countries that are Impossible to Conqueror

 10 Countries that are Impossible to Conqueror

10 Countries that are Impossible to Conqueror

10 Countries that are Impossible to Conqueror: Hello fellows, Hope you all are doing well. Today we will be going to talk about 10 Countries that are Impossible to Conqueror. I am not pretty sure that THE countries I will be mentioning below are really Impossible to Conqueror.

Because I’ve not officially brought this Article to you by some High-Level Sources. I have done just a little research on Google and Some Social Media Networks. Without Further wasting our time let’s start with Number One.

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  • 1. Iran


You know you're a difficult country to handle once you are called "Fortress Iran"

Turkey, United States, Saudi Arabia all came to Dismantle it, but Iran never gave them an inch.

Half a Million Soldiers, 137 Aircraft, 1658 Tanks they're always battle-ready. With an increase in the difficult terrain of Iran, The Conquest seems even harder.

  • 2. Australia

Australia is 11000 km away from any nearest Military Power Nation (Japan).

Australia has a floating Desert in the Middle of Nowhere, which leaves its Soldiers to hide in and Conduct Guerilla Raids.

Fun Fact:

Japan did actually decide to Launch a Counter on Australia, but it abandoned its plan for an equivalent Reasons.

  • 3. Russia 

Neither Napoleon nor Hitler could invade Russia, If the two most Powerful rulers couldn't get it then Imagine how hard it is to Invade Russia. 

Largest Country in the World by Size, Its Geography is definitely its biggest USP and Most of which is covered with the Snow or Surrounded by Mountains.

Russia currently is a Military Superpower as well having a Contingent of 8,45,000 Active Personnel willing to take on anyone and everyone.

  • 4. North Korea

N. Korea

A Country defined by its Leadership, A Nation known by its Ruler Kim Jong Un, It is another country that isn't easy meat by any means.

Million active Soldiers, 4200 Tanks, 222 Battle Helicopters, It has one of the Biggest Military Assembles.

Its Aggressiveness keeps all other Superpowers on the Tenterhooks and an Escalation is something that keeps everyone on their toes.

  •  5. Bhutan

This one is surely a surprise, Located in the Himalayas, having an Army of 6000 with no Air Force or Artillery.

But Bhutan belongs to that Small bunch that has never been Invaded. Primarily owing to its difficult terrain. 

Located at 3,000 meters above Sea Level, the Country is Capable of Causing Altitude Sickness.

  • 6. Israel

This Nation's belief is simple. "The going gets tough, The tough get Going". In its brief History of 69 Years, It has fought 8 Battles but has not even lost a single battle.

A Country where Military Service is Mandatory, a rustic which has simply the best defense system within the World. There is nothing that makes it Susceptible.

  • 7. Canada 

Canada just as Cold as Russia, While by Area its Size is next only to Russia, Given its size and vast Expenses of Wilderness, Invading Canada by Force can pose Problems for anyone.

To add insult, the Defense budget of Canada is a whopping $21.6 Billion, So its Military Rank of 25 in the World doesn't cut much Ice.

Don't go by their Nature, They would readily get even to Play Tough with you.

  • 8. Switzerland

National Rubout (Switzerland) is a Defensive Plan adopted by the Country which uses the Alps as a Roadblock to any Invasion.

The Swiss Military has not only Built Tunnels but also Bunkers and Fortresses inside the Mountains.

This will Cause the Invading Party to waste their Energy and Time to find Proper Entry Routes into the Country.

It has also wired the entire Mountains and Infrastructure, Such as Roads and Bridges, to Blow in Case of any Invasion.

Even though Switzerland has about 150k Active Military Personnel If the Nation gets Invaded almost 4 Million Citizens are Immediately available for Military Service with another 3 Million fits for Service as well.

  • 9. Japan


One of the Five Civilizations which has never been Enslaved throughout History, which speaks Volumes about the Country's Tenacity.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki did take away some sheen of the Country but even then their Rise back to success have been stupendous.

Quarter Million Soldiers, 600 Tanks, 40 Billion Dollar Investment, Japan is a Force with whom not many would want to Play.



  • 10. United States

You make a list of  Most Difficult Countries to Invade, Naturally, it had to have the USA in it right?

596 Billion Dollar Investment in, which is more than a Combined might of the next seven high spending nations.

This Economic Power coupled with the Country's Scale renders any talk of Invading it Meaningless.

Hope your Readers Enjoyed Our Article 10 Countries that are Impossible to Conqueror. For More Articles like this Stay Connected with us.

Thank You.

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